Simply Pure Laundry Tablets

Melissa writes:
We trialled both the Simply Pure Allergen and Fragrance Free Laundry Soft-tabs as well as the Simply Sensitive Non-Bio Laundry Soft-tabs. I didn’t find that there was a big difference between both products that we tried. Both seemed to work well (as good as my normal brand) and managed to wash the stains out of my son’s clothes. Also the clothes feel slightly softer after coming out of the wash than with my usual laundry tablet.

I have tried both putting the soft-tabs into the detergent compartment (as recommended by the company) as well as putting it into the drum with the clothes (as I do with my normal brand of soft-tabs), and both methods have worked well for me.

However, do note that if you happen to touch the tabs with a slightly wet hand, it would start to melt in your hands and the detergent would start to leak out (as I found out accidentally and had detergent all over my floor).

I also found that the resealable packaging that it advertised was just a sticky tape (like you find on pasta pack) rather than a zip-lock style bag like other competitors have. There is 24 tabs in the bag and this sticky tape just does not stay sticky long enough for me to get through the whole bag of tabs. In fact, the tape stopped being sticky before half the pack was used. It is not the end of the world, as the whole pack now just sits opened in my cupboard.

Simply Pure Soft-tabs have a hypo-allergenic formulation that is allergen, fragrance and phosphate free. Giving you and your family an excellent non biological wash that is gentle on your skin. Simply Powder-tabs have been dermatologically and clinically tested and are approved by the Vegan Society. For more information visit

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