Silliest Situations

Gina writes:

My 7 year old daughter loves doing jigsaws and absolutely loved this one. We got the Dippy Dinosaurs one and she loved finding all the silly fashion pieces. At first she didn’t understand as she said that there were extra bits on the jigsaw that wasn’t on the picture on the box, but once she got the reason why they were missing she loved not only putting the jigsaw together but had extra fun finding all the silly extra items. She was in fits of giggles with each one she came across and would shout at me from the other room that she had found another silly thing on the puzzle. It kept her entertained and the fact that the ‘extras’ are not on the box just makes it just as much fun finding them the next time she does the puzzle. The puzzle is well made and seems to be standing the test of time the amount of times she has re-done the puzzle and the fact it is made from recycled card is environmental friendly.


Take a look a the Gibsons Games website for information on where to buy this and other puzzles from the Silliest Situations range.

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