Scentsy Goldsmith Warmer


Michelle writes:

Our second Scentsy Product this week to review has been this amazing Goldsmith Warmer.

A very glamorous candle Warmer. Made from porcelain but covered in a metal hammered effect coating. Looks like a very trendy ornament, light gold metallic in colour with a white porcelain tray to place the wax melts in. It plugs in at the back with a handy on/off switch and looks very cool even when not in use.

We tested the crumb top scentsy bars. You break one or two of the little cubes from the bar to put in the tray of the Warmer. It doesn’t get overly hot, just enough to heat and melt the wax. It only takes a few minutes to warm up and then gives off the most delicious scent. Ours smelt like a bakery!! It was a combination of apple pie and muffins and vanilla. I really am impressed with this product. Not only practical, but attractive too. I will definitely be buying some more Scentsy bars. Another fantastic product.


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