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Louise writes:

We have lived in our house for just over ten years, and our carpets are starting to show their age. They’ve served us well and have been very robust but being underfoot a family of five takes its toll: horrible black calpol stains from midnight nursing, pen that hasn’t quite stayed on the paper, and numerous miscellaneous stains that could have come from child or cat but I would rather not think too much about. However, a new carpet is financially out of the question so they have just stayed like that as one of those long-list to-do items you know deep down you’ll never get round to.

Enter Sayclean! Sayclean are a premium carpet and upholstery company based in Essex who say they build their business on honesty and integrity, and offer a level of quality, service and knowledge that rival the best in the business. I had assumed this was something that would be quite expensive, and a massive inconvenience, plus I really thought our carpets might be too awful, but thought it was worth finding out a bit more.

Firstly, we had the very lovely George from Sayclean to give us a quote. As a disclaimer, I will say that I already knew him from the brilliant choir I’m in: Sweet Charity Choir, so I already knew he would be friendly and helpful, but he also displayed a level of professionalism that surpassed my expectations. We walked round the house with me pointing out some of the worst areas, and he reassured me it would not be as big a job as I feared it would be. There were a few points where he said they might not be able to get everything out, and I appreciated the honesty, but generally speaking he said it would be no problem and that I would be surprised by the results.

Prices for carpet cleaning start from £85.00. We went for a more premium package which cost a bit more but I was really impressed – it was so much less than I had thought it would be. George then got in touch to decide a day. In terms of inconvenience for us, there really wasn’t much. We had to make sure the floors were clear (which to be fair, did involve a big tidy up but that was due to us being slack!) and keep a space free for them to park at the front of the house.

On the day, the cleaners arrived promptly and set to work. They worked really hard and were done in just a few hours, much quicker than I expected but clearly done to a very high standard. The house smelt lovely and the carpets were unbelievable. The difference was obvious and even most of the stains I had been warned might be too stubborn to entirely remove were gone. Even now, a few weeks on, they look lovely.

Landing carpet before and after:






My son’s bedroom, site of many capol spills! You can see a slight mark still but that was a literally a thick black stain before:


It’s definitely something I would think about doing more regularly, and I’m even considering signing up to Sayclean’s Complete Care package, which offers yearly restoration cleans, plus 6 monthly refreshes and up to three extra stain removals a year, from £20 a month!

Highly recommended!

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