Samsonite Snuggle Muff

Joanne writes:

“Even in the warmer summer months it is often a challenge to know how to dress and wrap baby to ensure they stay warm and snug in their pushchair on days out. However, the Swaddle Muff ensuresyou are prepared whatever the weather. Durable outer cover to protect baby from the elements and ultra soft lining. Rolls away into a handy carry bag with a strap to hang on a pram handle.No fiddly zips to trap little fingers or become unfastened by accident.

Dimensions: 45 X 90cm

Swaddle design ensures that a child’s arms are covered against the cold too.”

The snuggle muff comes in the colour Graphite (dark grey) and arrived rolled up, secured by a velcro flap which has a leather look to it with the name of the product on it. There is a carry handle on the top of the rolled muff which is velcroed at one end so that it can be carried on a pushchair handle when not in use.

The snuggle muff is lined with a soft cream coloured fur and has slits in it to secure onto your child’s pushchair. It has two ‘wings’ which fold across the front of it hence the name swaddle andthey too are fastened by velcro. On the outside ‘wing’ is another label with the product name on it. At the bottom of the muff is a closed-in bit for the baby’s feet to go into. This muff is nice and thick and looks well made.

The outside is 100% nylon and the inside 100% polyester.

We used this on our son’s stroller when the weather was colder and it kept him warm and snug. He wasn’t keen to keep his arms tucked inside but every child is different. It was easy to secure in place and didn’t slip.

We’ve not yet had the need to remove it from the stroller but I should think it will be very handy to carry around in case the weather changes once we go into spring/summer. Having said that I’m not certain he will fit into it by the being the muff is 90cms long? He isn’t tall, so we shall see.


The Swaddle Muff is available from Amazon for £54.99

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