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Sarah writes:

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the importance of looking after our skin from a younger age. However, a large number of us are guilty of neglecting ourselves to focus on bringing up our little ones or our jobs, only to look in the mirror occasionally and be shocked at the increased quantity of grey hairs, wrinkles and general tired appearance. The prospect of a relatively low cost, non invasive, magical treatment that will turn back the hands of time is naturally increasing appealing.  The prospect of considering treatments like Mesotherapy is more and more attractive to both men and women, but what should you expect? I visited Essencia Health & Beauty Clinic in Billericay to find out.

The S Corrective Facial is an anti-wrinkle treatment that has been scientifically formulated to help treat the deepest wrinkles and expression lines, quickly and effectively. It claims to:

  • Act on muscle contractions to achieve a more intend long-lasting dermo-lifting effect and allows the active substances to penetrate and become fixed in the skin.
  • Increase the skins volume, rapidly and effectively fills-in the empty spaces that give rise to deep wrinkles.
  • Improve the cellular architecture and communication, stimulating the tissue regeneration process that rejuvenated the skin and normalises it’s appearance.

In more simple terms, revolutionary products, with the aid of the Skeyndor mesoscience machine claim to relax the muscles that in turn create wrinkles and plump the skin.

I arrived for my S corrective facial and was greeted by Jess, my therapist, in the reception area. After going through details of my skin care regime and my concerns, I was taken to a private treatment room for my facial.

The treatment started with a cleanse and gentle glycolic wash before moving on to a glycolic peel. After the initial preparations a micro peptide is applied to the skin whilst the mesotherapy machine gets to work helping higher concentrations of the tissue redensifier product penetrate deeper into the skin to get better results with electroporation technology.  The machine was completely painless; only a slight feeling of ‘pins and needles’ and heat in more sensitive areas, although it created a metallic taste in the mouth. Hyaluronic Acid is then applied and is absorbed into the skin with the assistance of radio waves supplied also by the mesoscience machine. Then the Pearl Regenerating Luxe Mask (a cryogenic) is applied. This mask is mixed while you wait (a powder and a cream) and feels exceptionally cold upon application. The mask is left on for 15-20 minutes to set ahead of being peeled off.  While it is getting to work, a cooling eye mask is used over the eyes and the therapist relaxes clients with a head massage. After the mask is removed the facial is finished off by the application of a moisturiser and a gentle facial massage.

Throughout the treatment I was impressed with Jess talking me through what she was doing and her general pride in the company. She informed me that the Billericay spa that I attended opened in 2011, although the company’s first spa opened in 2006 in Fobbing. Jess informed me that Essencia are the sole distributor of Skeyndor in the UK and they are responsible for the training of other therapists throughout the country on the Mesotherapy machine that was introduced in 2007.

Essencia recommend an initial course of 4 treatments applied weekly. After these are applied a monthly top up thereafter. Each treatment costs £68, although they offer the initial 4 treatments for the price of 3.

It’s much safer and doesn’t have side-effects like needles do. Now whilst I didn’t get the same result as Botox, the treatment did leave my face brighter and skin fuller with minimal redness. My prominent wrinkles on my forehead, around my eyes and chin were greatly reduced and much smoother, although still visible. My skin looked and felt amazing, not only after the treatment but also for just under a week post treatment. I suffer from combination skin and it balanced my skin out and left me glowing. I was generally impressed with the facial.


Essencia Group is the main distributor for Skeyndor Products in the UK and is based at 22 High St, Billericay CM12 9BQ. Tel: 01277 631511

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