Ruby and Ginger Nappy Purse and Mat

Jenny writes:

The Ruby and Ginger nappy Purse and Travel Change Mat set allows you to carry a small supply of nappies (3 large), disposable nappy bags and wipes neatly and hygienically.

Measuring at only 23cm x 13cm x 7cm approximately (when being used), it easily fits into most regular handbags allowing mums to ditch the heavy, cumbersome purpose-built changing bag and return to their own favourite handbag.  This can easily make a mum feel like a woman again.

However, with the fashionable, hand-made and stylish screen-printed design and the useful, strappy handle you can also use it as it is and hang it over your wrist or pushchair handle.  It is also perfect for carrying all the necessary bits to the changing room in any bar, restaurant or café.

I was very impressed with how quickly this product was delivered and was excited to open the package.  I was surprised that the colours of the nappy purse were not as bright and vivid as the design photo on the website; I presume that all designs vary on each product as they are hand-printed materials – it also says on the packaging that some fading may occur because of this.  I also felt that the material had a slight roughness to the texture although it is probably quite hard-wearing.  The purse and changing mat are both washable at 30 degrees.

The dimensions of the changing mat are clearly stated in the specifications on the website, although I was still amazed at how small it looked when I first opened the product.  Although it is small, the mat still serves its purpose and can easily be used on top of a changing mat or table if required.

There is a box inside the bag to be used for wipes; this is an excellent idea however the brands of wipes that I use do not fit easily inside this box.  It is a simple task to refold the wipes in order to fit the box and I am sure that a different brand will fit easier inside the box.  I have found, however, that a travel pack of wipes easily fit within the nappy purse.

There is also a useful and discreet, small pocket within the nappy purse that can be used to hold any small items whether for myself or for my child which is a nice extra to this product.

This product is very useful for keeping changing products together and making them easily and quickly accessible when you need them in a hurry.  The compact design is very useful when out and about or travelling.  The idea of having a tiny, neat, stylish bag to carry to the changing room whilst out is excellent and very useful and can save time when needing to change your child’s nappy.

At £16, this product is not the cheapest, one of the reasons for this is most likely because it is advertised as being “hand-printed and hand-made for you”.  I love using hand-made items so was a little disappointed to find that the material parts of this product are made in a factory in India although they are still obviously hand-made.

This nappy purse set is an innovative idea and would make a lovely gift to either a new mum who can use on short trips out or within a handbag and also to a mum with a slightly older baby who is beginning to need less baby items when going out.  It could also prove very useful to a mum who has two different sized children in nappies as they could use a different design for each child and therefore easily and quickly grab the correct bag for the child that needs changing as this can be quite time consuming and awkward if you need to empty your bag out to find the right nappy.


The Nappy Purse and Mat is available from the Ruby and Ginger website in a range of designs for £16.00

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