Red Cat, Blue Cat by Jenni Desmond


Felix (aged 5) writes:

What I liked about this book is they want to be friends.

What I do not like about this book is they are not.

The characters are,red cat and blue cat.

And one last thing the pitchers are very good!


Louise (mum) writes:

Red Cat, Blue Cat, is a simple but sweet book about friendship and tolerance. The red and blue cats are not friends because they are different colours and like to do different things, but they learn to see beyond this and become chums. It’s not a complex idea but it’s an important once and introduces young children to the concept of equality and scratching below the surface. In fact, both cats want to be quite like the other – red cat envies blue cat’s intelligence, and blue cat is jealous of red cat’s bounciness, but in the end they learn to find the best of themselves and each other.

The book is beautifully illustrated and is a treat for cat-lovers as well as children – well worth a read!


RRP £12.99 but available on Amazon for £8.70 (6/9/13)


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