Real Good Ketchup

Louise writes:

Real Good Tomato Ketchup with No Added Sugar is gluten free, made with Mediterrenean tomatoes, free from artificial sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives. All sounds great, especially if your children like to slather it on, as mine do! We are very much a Heinz Ketchup family and generally have not found another we like as much, but this really wasn’t bad. I don’t think I would buy it in replacement for our usual purchase as we didn’t like the taste as much, though that comes down to what you are used to more than because the taste was bad. It was a very rich, not too sweet taste, and actually a lot more like actual tomatoes than most ketchups! The kids did notice the difference and commented on it but have since been more than happy to eat it, so with it being good for them too, you can really complain!


Leah writes:

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this ketchup. My girls are very particular about what they eat and can be very fussy towards sauces, however they both really enjoyed this sauce. They asked for it with most of the dinners they had, and ate it all every time. I was also very impressed with the ingredients and the fact it had less sugar than normal ketchup brands I found very appealing, especially as my children ate it. Would definitely buy this in future as our new household ketchup. Thank you for letting us review this 🙂


Deniz writes:

We love tomato ketchup but only ever buy the big brand stuff so it was with interest that we tried this. It has naturally occurring sugars, which I found a bit confusing when reading about – after a quick internet search these ingredients do seem indeed to be natural and very good alternatives to sugar.

We ate the Real Good ketchup with our meals as usual and couldn’t really notice any significant differences. However, on closer inspection and in a direct taste test – it is less red than a bigger brand (not a bad thing of course but maybe worth mentioning if your child is particular concerned about things like this!). Also, it has a less vinegary aftertaste than a bigger brand ketchup, which is something I do like about ketchup for me this was a bit of a downside. The bigger brand says that it can be refrigerated and kept for 8 weeks from opening, Real Good ketchup says 4 weeks – this wouldn’t bother me as I leave things open in my fridge forever!

Overall, the Real Good ketchup is nice and enjoyable with less sugar and feels like a better condiment to give the children. However, I probably won’t be buying it again as there was nothing extra special about the taste and if anything I liked it less than the bigger brand. I’m less worried about the sugar as we don’t eat enough refined sugar to worry too much about what we dip a chip in.


Melissa writes:

We were really excited when we received a bottle of the Real Good Tomato Ketchup for a trial. My son who recently turned 3 is very into his dips so I have been keen to find alternative condiments that are low in salt and sugar.

Real Good Tomato Ketchup, which is gluten and nut free, is made with mediterrenean tomatoes, without artificial flavourings or preservatives. It is made in a nut free zone and produced in the UK. There is no sugar added, instead a small amount of Xylitol and Stevia is added to the tomatoes and spices for natural sweetness. All the ingredients used are plant-based and non-GMO. With 70% less than other regular ketchups, it is suitable for everyone, especially children. It also comes in a BPA free squeezy bottle that can be recycled.

The taste of the ketchup taste like other alternative brand of ketchups. For us, we do not feel the lack of sugar or the lower salt has changed the taste of the ketchup. And my son who is a picky toddler has loved having this dip.

However what does annoy me slightly is the label on the bottle. On the front of the bottle, it states ‘naturally sweet’. Even though that is totally true as the sweeteners used are naturally occurring as opposed to artificial sweeteners, I would however as a shopper assume that the taste comes naturally from the tomatoes and spices and that no sweeteners (even natural occurring ones) were added to it. It does state on the back label that it has sweeteners added to it, but to a consumer who only takes a quick glance at the shelf, they might not realised that this does indeed contain a sweetener.

I would still recommend this product. To us it taste just like regular ketchup but without refined sugar, which we are trying to restrict for our children, and is also lower in salt compared to its competitor. All in all a lot more kids friendly than the other products on the market.

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