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Helena writes:

We have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to review the Little Friends collection, a new set of baby and toddler titles from Priddy Books.

This set of six books tell simple stories that cover everyday topics such as the weather, a special birthday, bedtime, trying something new and coming home.  Each one has a different baby animal as the main character, and the books use textures, sounds and lift-the-flap features to help to keep little ones engaged.  All of the books use soft, pastel shades, although the illustrations are actually far more detailed than some of the other baby books that we have.

Little Friends – Let’s Play is a board book looking at different kinds of weather, with four easy-to-press buttons with sound effects for sunshine, wind, rain and a rainbow.  Each of the sounds corresponds to a page in the book, which tells the story of what Baby Bunny does on sunny, windy and rainy days, with a rainbow on the last page.   The illustrations are very detailed, making delicate use of an array of colours.  This title has been especially good for my two-year-old son to share with his baby sister and press all the buttons for her, making it very interactive.

Splish Splash
is a soft, waterproof bath book with a surprising amount of dialogue compared to other bath books we have seen.  The book tells the story of Little Duck, who is afraid to go swimming  until he tries it and finds that he can do it after all.

Happy Birthday
is a touch-and-feel board book.  It is Little Puppy’s birthday, and he puts on his party hat before making lots of party food and a giant birthday cake. He decorates with coloured flags, puts on music and then all of his friends arrive.   This book actually contains a lot of information for a little reader, looking at the concepts of dress, different foods, music and colours, however it works really well and holds their attention because there are different textures to feel throughout, with a surprise, lift-the-flap ending.

Home Sweet Home
is a lift-the-flap board book, looking at the various habitats that different animals live in.  It sounds like a big concept, which of course it is, however it is presented in a very engaging and toddler-friendly way.  Cute character Baby Owl flies far and wide, and the little reader can lift the flap on each page to reveal who lives in the forest, the river, the snowy kingdom, the mountain, and finally at home in the nest.
There are two soft cloth books included in this collection.  One tells the story of Baby Bear and his bedtime routine.  This book was presented in an attractive box, giving it added gift value.  Snuggle looks at little animals that snuggle and cuddle before going to bed.  These books have soft fleecy outer covers and are both perfect for my baby daughter.

Overall the Little Friends collection is a lovely set of books for babies and toddlers.  Because they are so detailed and engaging they would make ideal gifts, and the subject matter is ideal for little ones to understand and enjoy over and over again.

Louise writes:

This is a really gorgeous collection of books. I tend to be more of a fan of bright, colourful books for babies, but these are so sweet, it’s hard not to love them. They have a rather vintage charm which seems to be quite on-trend though not at all overdone. It really works and creates a really pretty, innocent set of books for babies.
Dexter is one and he loves them. He really likes books generally but has a couple of these that he is especially fond of. He loves “Hello Friends” which is a great size for babies and toddlers and goes through each of the little friends as they do something different: Little Owl is in a tree, Little Puppy plays with a ball etc. He is mesmorised by the animals’ faces and although he just growls when asked what noise the animals make, we are getting there.
He also really likes the sound effects on “Let’s Play”, which I’m happy to say are not too annoying at all, unlike some other books with sounds we have! While I’m not so fussed with the sounds, the illustrations in this book are particularly nice and it’s a favourite for us all.

My own particular favourite is Home Sweet Home – it looks at the different habitats of the friends, and is a subject not often covered in baby/toddler books, making it quite interesting. Again, lovely pictures too!

Each of the books has its own charm but still fits nicely into the range giving them a very distinct feel from a lot of the other Priddy Books. It’s a feel that really works though – they are a lovely range, and one which I think would make a lovely gift.


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