Precious Little Films

Allison writes:
I have recently decided to explore Twitter and am now pointlessly following a whole host of random people and celebrities to fulfil my need for something ‘interesting’ to read when the kids allow me 5 minutes peace. Well, it felt pointless, until I discovered a great little site that turns all the little video clips off your phone into a ‘precious little film’. I am absolutely useless with technology, but my kids really do make me giggle so there are loads of little snippets of them acting crazy. Then my phone memory gets full up and I upload them onto the computer and forget all about them, which is such a waste. This site offers to take all these clips, edit them, put them together in a little montage to music and make your home movies look professional. This really appealed to me as I couldn’t edit for toffee and my clips are usually 80% craziness, with 10% of what I’m trying to film and then 10% is one of them getting hurt. Nightmare!

With Precious Little Films all I had to do was post my clips on a USB stick and this wonderful man did his magic! He kept in contact with me to let me know he had my clips; to let me know he’d started work on it and when he’d finished. He really was a pleasure to do business with. Then I sat back and watched his work and I’ve never been so impressed.

It made me smile; it made me reminisce; it made me proud; but most of all it made me laugh so hard I was crying. He really caught the essence of my kids, which is funny considering he is a perfect stranger. I know they were my clips, but the parts that he took out of them and put together were pure comedy gold. The music was so well suited to the theme. This man is a genius! I can’t stop watching it! This is a must for all parents with camera phones! He has done a few films in a gallery to show people on his site and they are really lovely, but when you see your own kids on the screen, doing their thing, whether it be cute or crazy, it’s fantastic.

He is offering an introductory price at the moment of £25, so go and visit the site. You will not be disappointed


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