Pourty – The Pourable Potty

Alice writes:

Every now and then a product comes on the market that makes you think, ‘that’s such a simple, yet ingenious idea, why didn’t I think of that?’ Well, the Pourty is one such product.

The Pourty is the multi-award winning child’s potty that is comfortable for toddlers to sit on and a lot easier to empty and clean than a normal potty thanks to the duct on the back of the potty that allows you to empty the contents away from where the child sits with no mess or dribbles.

My daughter loved the new pink potty as soon as I showed it to her.  It’s a very good size and made of sturdy plastic, it also appears very comfortable to sit on.  We are a fair way through potty training in our household and are now attempting overnight dryness.  When I told Scarlett that this was a big girl potty to keep in the upstairs toilet for night time wee-wee she was very excited.  What I like a lot about this potty is due to its size and sturdiness it does not wobble or get stuck to the child’s bottom when they stand up.  This leaves me confident in letting her use the potty alone during the night without worrying that it would have tipped over and left me a present on the bathroom floor come morning.

The unique pouring feature is wonderful, really does eliminate mess, and is perfect for potty emptying during the night and early mornings when your focus may not be at its best.

The Porty RRPs at £9.99 which I feel is reasonable for the quality of product and its functionality. I would strongly recommend this potty and will be using it for day one of toilet training for the new baby when the time comes.


There is also a lovely little guide to how to use the Pourty and helpful potty training tips on their website www.pourty.com.  The Pourty can be purchased online or at many child product retailers such as Mothercare, Boots and Tesco.

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