Pop Party 10 CD/DVD

Jenny writes:

Up until recently, my 5 year old son was perfectly happy with listening to the usual nursery rhymes and songs and singing, dancing and jumping along to them.  However, during a recent holiday, he discovered the ‘kid’s club disco’ and suddenly decided that he was now too old for the ‘Cbeebies’ and ‘Milkshake’ style songs that he previously enjoyed.

Before receiving Pop Party 10, he was not aware of any of the singers or songs in the compilation and did not know what to expect.  I must admit that although I had seen previous ‘Pop Party’ CD’s in the shops over the years that I had never ever picked one up or looked at it and so was unsure of what to expect from it.

The CD arrived well packaged and my son was extremely excited when he saw the cover and said that it looked very ‘fun and brilliant and for big children’.  The colours and images on the front appealed to him although the back is rather pink and girly which I feel is a shame as although I am sure that girls are the main catchment audience for the CD/DVD, there are many boys who are just as into discos and dancing who may be ‘put off’ from asking for the CD/DVD once they get a little older because of the pinkness and the fact that the CD/DVD has been seen on ‘PopGirl’.

Pop Party 10 consists of a CD which has 22 songs on it from various artists including Jessie J, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, JLS, The Wanted and Justin Bieber and also a DVD of music videos from 13 of the songs on the CD and behind the scenes videos for 2 of the songs.  For more information on songs, please visit  http://store.universal-music.co.uk/restofworld/albums/pop-party-world-various-artists-pop-party-10-cd-album-2012/invt/0600753404133/

My son eagerly put on the CD.  The quality of the sound is good and it is very clear.  My son really enjoyed dancing to all of the tunes and my younger son also enjoyed jumping up and down and clapping along.  My son said that the CD was like a ‘proper disco’ and he is now begging me for a disco party for his next birthday.  As with all compilation CD’s, there are some songs that are better than others but there is a good selection of songs here and there are not many times when my son gets bored of a song and fast forwards to the next one.  I also quite enjoy the selection of songs and am happy to listen to the CD whilst driving in the car.

One of the best features of this CD is that included in the case are the words for most of the songs.  The words are clearly printed and are in a good sized and readable font.  They are printed onto a large folded sheet of paper although they are designed so that you can cut them up into small squares with one song on each square making it easier to find the song you want and also easy to hold and dance at the same time.  Being able to read the words and sing along to the songs as they played made this CD so much more fun for my son.  It also meant that if there were any songs that we couldn’t quite hear the correct sound or words then we could easily look them up.

This CD has proved to be extremely popular in our house and is on constant replay.

However, the fun of Pop Party 10 does not end there and proves to be excellent value for money as disc 2 is actually a DVD.  We don’t normally watch any music television channels as chart music has been a relatively new experience, we are therefore not used to watching music videos.  The quality of the DVD is excellent, the sound is good and the images are really clear.  I am sure an older child would really enjoy watching the music videos but I am very glad that my son is not interested in them as some of them involve rather underdressed ladies showing a little too much breast and bum and dancing a little too provocatively for younger children.

I would definitely recommend the CD compilation to anyone planning a child’s birthday party or to anyone who has a child who likes dancing and listening to music.


Pop Party 10 CD/DVD is available from all major music retailers

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