Penneys, Leigh-on-Sea

Louise writes:

I am rubbish at being a girl. I hardly ever wear make-up, I don’t know how to style my hair and I feel uncomfortable being the centre of attention. Add to this the fact that I have thick, curly hair which is often frizzy, and have had many, many bad experiences of hairdressers, and you can probably imagine that I am far from the ideal hair client.

In recent years, I’ve got better at knowing what I want and have been happy using the same hairdresser, but when I was offered the opportunity to try out a cut and blow dry at Penneys, I leapt at the chance. I asked if they could also colour my horribly greying hair at the same time, and found them to be very amenable and more than happy to do this too.

On first entering the salon, I was struck by how modern and clean it was. The name Penneys did make me think it might be a little old lady-ish but it wasn’t at all – it was very up to date. At the same time though, it wasn’t intimidating at all. The staff were very welcoming and friendly. I had brought some ideas with me and the stylish, Yasmin, went through them with me. She was really helpful and took on board everything I said, which was great as I often feel like a hair imbecile when trying to explain what I’m after and sometimes struggle to get across my big ‘please don’ts’! (Please don’t make my hair look like a triangle being number one).

We discussed colour too and Yasmin set to work on a lovely chocolatey brown with blonde highlights. She commented that the colour combination was a popular one and was cleary very knowledgeable about what would work and what might not, which is always reassuring. The colour process took a while, of course but was all perfectly fine. She asked if I wanted an INNOluxe treatment added to the colour which apparently helps keep the condition of the hair good. I decided to go for it but at no point did I feel like there was a hard sell. I have to say, I am absolutely thrilled with the colour and think it looks wonderful!

Then on to the cut. Again, this was not rushed but still done at a swift and professional pace. The cut is great – exactly what I had asked for, and Yasmin clearly knew how to handle the consistency of my unruly mop. And then the blow-dry. Now, I am always impressed when people can do this well as my attempts at blow-drying always end up with one side of my hair looking huge and the other not, but Yasmin was amazing – she made it look so easy and my hair felt lovely and bouncy all day. I was going out that night so that was even more of a bonus.

All in all, I am totally and utterly happy with my visit to Penneys and think they have probably got themselves a new client. Not sure how to tell my current hairdresser though!

Oh, and as a bonus, When you recommend a friend to Pennys using this voucher your friend will receive their first Cut and Blowdry with us for ½ Price, as a special thank you to you for recommending that friend, your next Cut & Blowdry will also be ½ Price. Bonus! If anyone needs a haircut… let me know. Haha!


Penneys are located at 286, EASTWOOD ROAD, NORTH, LEIGH-ON-SEA. SS9 4LS but also have salons in Saffron Walden and Sudbury. Visit for more information.

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