Party Creations frame craft kit

This pack is a children’s craft kit, containing everything they need to decorate their own special photo frame. I made it with my five-year old daughter, although in practice it was very simple and she could do most of it by herself.  The pack makes an ideal gift and the packaging is fabulous, as the kit arrived in a gift bag, which I then re-used to give the frame to my daughter, and then again to give the decorated frame to her grandma.

The pack contains a wooden picture frame to paint and decorate and a dowel stand to use after completion. The frame itself is good quality and feels fairly robust.  There is a pot of pink acrylic paint and another with PVA glue, as well as 12 multi-coloured craft jewels to stick on once the paint is dry. The instructions are easy to understand and there are pictures of completed frames for inspiration.

I had to take the frame apart and remove the glass before we could start, but after that this little project was very easy and my daughter was able to sit and do it on her own without really needing any help from me.  Firstly, the frame needs to be painted, and then, once the paint is dry, the child can lay out the jewels and decide where to put them.  The frame should then be painted with glue, and the jewels applied.  Once dry, a photo can be inserted and the glass replaced.  My daughter really enjoyed all of the stages and once she had finished I put her first school photograph in the frame and it looks great.

The pack is probably a little limited in the sense that with just a small tub of pink paint, some glue and the 12 jewels, there are not many options for the final design. An older child in particular may appreciate having a few more items included, such as some extra paint and a few more jewels in different colours and sizes. It is possible to order additional letters to personalise the frame, and doing so would enhance design options as well as being educational for a very young child.

All of this aside, the kit is still good value for money.  All of the items included seem to be of very good quality, and the end result looks fantastic.  The pack is the ideal present for a crafty child, and a grandparent or godparent may get a lovely return on their gift if it comes back decorated with a photo at a later date. My daughter wants to do another one and I will be happy to buy another kit.


Photo Frame Craft Kits are available from Party Creations for £6.50

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