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Our house is full of photos, pictures and more. As a keen photographer, art-lover and general nostalgist, I really enjoy having walls full of colours and memories and am always adding more to the walls (to the point where I think we will need a bigger house soon!

I’ve considered canvas prints a few times but have been put off in the past by some bad quality ones I’ve seen, where the print job is bad, or a poor quality photo was accepted, meaning it looks dodgy when enlarged. I have a lot of nice photos of my kids but tend to be nervous to go beyond 10×8, just in case!

ParrotPrint offer a canvas printing from just £9.99 with FREE next day delivery and a 100% money back guarantee, which sounds pretty good for putting your mind at rest, so I decided to order a nice big canvas of a photo I took back in May of my kids amongst the bluebells. It’s a picture I love so I thought it was worth going large, and ordered a 30×20 inch version at £49.99. I was impressed with the service  I got – checking the crop I wanted and which edging I preferred, which suggested an attention to detail I liked. The canvases go up to 40×30 inches but I thought that might be a bit large!

When it arrived, I was really impressed with the quality. The canvas is thick but not too heavy and the picture looks great! As someone who normally opts for matt over gloss photo paper, I really like the texture of it which gives it an almost painterly feel.

It currently has pride of place at the top of my stairs, and I like it more every time I see it!

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