Paint your own Funky Wellies

Jenny writes:

When these arrived I showed the box to my son who got very excited by the idea of designing his own wellies.  He looked at the bright pictures on the box and liked the fact that the people in the pictures had names.  The paint pens were not visible from the outside of the box which worried me at first as I thought they were missing but upon closer inspection they has slipped from viewing window, possibly during delivery.

When we opened the box, we found the wellies to be nice and soft inside against my son’s leg and foot- we have sometimes found wellies to be stiff and hard.  On very close inspection there were a few small marks/scratch marks/tiny digs on the surface of the wellies but this was not a problem as they were soon going to be covered in unique artwork!  The wellies have a good tread and I think they would be ideal for slippery surfaces like snow.

The instructions were clear and easy to understand, however after reading them I felt that my child would need one to one adult assistance incase of spillage, accidents or mistakes and so we had to wait for my husband to be home to look after my younger son.  I am so glad that I did this as the paints were actually really hard to get the hang of.  We ended up using a whole tube of paint just letting my son practice on scrap paper.  Once he had manage to learn how to squeeze and draw at the same time he then found it hard to use them on a surface that was slippery and not flat and it took us a while to figure out how I should hold them to make it easier for him!

However, once we actually got started, we really enjoyed it.  My son had a smile on his face during the whole process!  I did manage to get some of the paint on my skirt but this easily rinsed out and left no marks.

The finished product looks really good and my son loves them and is really proud of them.  We could not find any puddles to try them out so my son wore them in the bath tub and had a good splash around.  His feet were kept dry and the paints stayed on the welly surface.

We think that this product is excellent and would definitely recommend.  It is a shame that the biggest available size is 12/13 as my 7 year old niece would love these but is a size 1.

£14.99 from

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