Organix Punk’d

Louise writes:

My kids have enjoyed most things from the Organix range as they’ve grown up but are getting a little old for a lot of the products now, so we were quite interested to try their new Punk’d range. Actually, I say that but the truth is that they still would happily eat a lot of the Organix Goodies products, but only at home because they are embarrassed to eat them in front of their friends as they are ‘for babies’. The slogan for the range is “Reject junkiness and break apart from the rest with Punk’d oaty bars.” and as you would expect from Organix they are made of natural, organic ingredients with nothing unnecessary added. The sweetness comes from ingredients such as apple juice, strawberry juice,cocoa powder or vanilla extract which means they are great for school lunchboxes and snacks, especially as so many schools are trying to encourage healthy eating amongst their pupils.

The range is currently just two flavours: Strawberry and Vanilla Smash and Cocoa and Orange Smash – the strawberry one was more popular amongst my kids though they liked both flavours. Felix and Iris loved them so much they were keen for me to buy more so they could take them into school every day and were quite excited that none of their friends knew of them yet. Dexter wasn’t so keen but he’s not much of a fan of cereal bars anyway, so I think this would have been the case whatever the flavour. They certainly didn’t notice a difference between these and more traditional bars, which can be a lot more sugary.

These were definitely a winner with the Fords, and we look forward to seeing if there are any more being developed in the range!


Helena writes:

We were asked to review two varieties of cereal bars from the new range by Organix. The Punk’d range uses organic ingredients to produce healthy foods and snacks for older children and not just for babies and toddlers. The ethos behind the product is great taste achieved with real ingredients and nothing else, and as the mother of three children I found this to be very appealing.

We tried these in two different varieties: strawberry and vanilla smash and cocoa and orange crush. The principal testers were Millie aged 10, Luca aged 5 and three-year-old Sofia. All of the bars are oat-based, and are available in packs of six individually-wrapped bars. They use certified organic ingredients and as well as organic wholegrain oats, other ingredients including organic sultanas and apple juice.

Overall, these bars have proved to be very popular in our house, and everyone enjoyed them. I do buy cereal bars on a regular basis, as my eldest daughter likes them at breakfast time and they are useful to take to school or to preschool as well. The packaging is very well-designed, and will be appealing to older children as well.  I also loved the size of these bars, as they seemed to represent the perfect portion for a child. My children enjoyed the bars and ate them very willingly, although the cocoa and orange variety had a stronger flavour and overall we all seemed to prefer the strawberry and vanilla option. The bars in this range are certainly perfect for lunchboxes and I will buy them again.

For more information about the Punk’d range, take a look at the Organix website.

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