Organix Muesli

Leanne writes:

We reviewed the organix banana, peach and apple muesli and raspberry and banana muesli 10+months

I was a bit dubious at first as really hadn’t given any of my children muesli in the past due to people saying it contained lots of sugar. In terms of sugar its not as bad as first thought as generally on par with most breakfast cereals.

I used the recommended measurements to mix together and found at 1st it was lot thicker texture than what my girls were used to, which they struggled to eat, so as I was using full fat milk I was able to mix more in to make it a bit less gloopy.

The girls enjoyed both flavours, the raspberry and banana being more successful. Whether this was because it was slightly sweeter I’m not sure, but they were certainly a hit in our house.

The girls feed themselves mainly with a spoon but as with all children if it’s easier to go in by hand, it goes in by hand. The girls certainly enjoyed these and making an awful lot of mess. My only downside is that unless you cleaned it up whilst it was still moist it was rock solid and a nightmare to remove which wasn’t easy for me as a busy mum of 5 trying to get everyone ready for school run as kitchen is last job on list.


For more information about Organix cereals, visit their website

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