Organix Gummies

Melissa writes:

We buy a lot of Organix goodies snacks for both of our kids and were really excited to be sent the new variety box of Organix gummies to try. My son already has them frequently but they are usually sold in individual packs or in four pack packets. My son calls them sweeties and I have always given them to him as sweet treats as I prefer for him to have naturally occurring fruit sugar than refined sugar.

The new packaging comes in a box of five 12g packs of gummies of which consist of three different flavours. This new box pack is more in line with most of their range of snacks. The three flavours include blackcurrant & apple stars, raspberry & apple moos and strawberry & apple gummies, which are all the flavours that they currently do. Each 12g pack is small enough to be suitable as a nappy bag snack or to be used as a treat. Or if you have a toddler like mine who has no restrain then only 2 packs will do.

The variety pack does help if you would like to try the different flavours. It also means that you don’t have to buy three big packet of gummies and tempt the kids just to have all three varieties. I do however wish that it comes in a six pack box rather than five (2 packs of each flavours). Odd numbers do not work well in a household with two kids so it is either getting them to agree to share that extra packet or someone is going to lose out.


Leanne writes:

I was a little disappointed in these really. I was really looking forward to trying these as we love Organix snacks as am always looking for a healthy ish snack to carry with me whilst I’m out and about.

I didn’t find them any different to any of the other similar products on the market, except there didn’t seem to be much In the packet.
The girls enjoyed them but they were gone in a flash and were asking for more.


Louise writes:

My kids are 9, 8 and 4, and the big two are getting a bit big for Organix stuff, but they still enjoy them from time to time, just not in front of their friends. The youngest, who is more the target audience is not a fan of most dried fruit products. He loves fruit, just not if it’s been dried! Very strange. However, in this case, all three really enjoyed them, as did I! The flavours are good but not overpowering, and the texture really makes them seem like a sweet – a hit all round!


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