Organix Goodies Chunky Fruit Bars


Leanne writes:

I have three very fussy children when it comes to food, but thought I would give these a go. The initial response was “eerrgghh not trying them!”, one son tried one and said yuck so nobody else tried them.
I left it at that, I never put them away just left the boxes on the side, a few days later my eldest helped himself (without my knowledge) to an Apple and date, he later informed me of what he did and said it was rather yummy, it just melted in his mouth, he tried a banana one but said it was nice but the banana tasted funny, overall the apple ones were a hit as he has asked me to buy them again. The other two sons still refusing to try.


Louise writes:

These were much more popular with the big kids (7 and 5) than with the toddler at who they are aimed! Dexter is a bit strange with sweet things – he loves chocolate but doesn’t tend to enjoy many other sweets or cakes, and the same seems to go for dried fruit-type sweets. I offered the apple and date one to him but he wasn’t impressed. The other two, however, loved the and have wolfed down the whole box!

Melissa writes:

We have been doing Baby-Led Weaning with Liam since the day he turned 6 months, therefore I am constantly on the lookout for food and snacks that are of different taste and textures. I am very careful in choosing food that does not have sugar and salt added and have found the Organix range of products to be just that. Organix only uses organic fruit product and concentrate in their product and also have a no junk promise.

We tried both the new Organix fruit chunk bars, the banana and date flavour as well as the apple and date flavour. Each box comes with 6 individual handy snack-sized bar and each bar is indented into 5 easy tearaway chunks. The bars are recommended for children 12 months and above. Even though Liam was only 9.5 months when we tried these, I was confident that he would have no problems with it as he has been having only finger food since 6 months.

We first tried the banana and date flavoured bar. Upon open the box, the bars did look a lot smaller than I expected. The bar was both chewy and soft and easily torn into the intended 5 chunks. It tasted a lot sweeter than I had expected, however this was due to the bar consisting of more than 50% dates. The banana taste also does come through. Liam really enjoyed it and was happily chewing the chunks. He finished the whole bar within a few minutes and also wanted more. We then tried the apple and date flavoured bar. This flavour was slightly less sweet but you could still taste both the apple and dates in it. I prefer the taste of the apple and date flavoured bar but Liam does not seem to have a preference as he gobbled the second one down just as quickly.

I would definitely recommend this product, especially for snack time or when out and about as it is small and handy and easy to keep in the bag as a back-up snack. It is also easy for a young baby to eat and makes the least mess possible for a Baby-Led Weaning baby (so much so I could actually reuse the bib).


Michelle writes:

My 23 month old twins are big fans of most Organix products so when these arrived they seemed excited to try them. They come in packs of six and can be eaten whole or broken into segments for smaller children. They are 100% organic fruit which makes me happy. Two flavours banana and date or Apple and date. They are quite sticky but this didn’t affect them eating them. These would be perfect for lunchboxes, picnics or just on the go for a quick snack. My children enjoyed these and I think their favourite ones were the banana and date. I would definitely buy these and would recommend them too.


Nicola writes:

My daughter (like most kids) loves snacks so I always make sure my cupboards are stocked with something a bit more nutritious when those snacking demands hit! The Organix range has always been a top choice, so I was very excited to try Ivy out on the new Organix Chunky Fruit Bars.

We tested both the Banana & Date and Apple & Date Bars, which come in a box of 6 and provide one of your five a day. Sadly, however, they didn’t quite make the grade with my daughter.

As always the ingredients list is short and sweet, just fruit puree a little rice flour and sunflower oil, so for mum’s looking for a really healthy snack, these are a great choice and I personally found them quite tasty, if a little goey. However, Ivy only managed a small piece of each flavour before leaving the half eaten bar languishing amongst her play dough. I think maybe her disinterest was more of a textual choice than a flavour one, because they don’t taste dissimilar to other fruit bars that she normally wolfs back. However, sometimes new textures do allude her so I will persevere, but for now I don’t think they’ll be going in the shopping basket again.

I would recommend these however to mums looking for a nutritious and healthy fruit snack. They are small, easily portable and perfect for lunchboxes.

For more information about the range, click here.

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