Organix Finger Foods Range

Helena writes:

I have been surprised and impressed by how much my daughter Sofia has seemed to love all of the products from the Organix range that we have tried. The blend of simple, organic ingredients seems to work very well, and I will continue to buy this range for her as a healthy alternative to some of the other children’s snack products on the market. The products are gluten free and are suitable for vegetarians.


Goodies Apple and date bars

Ingredients: Date paste 85%, apple powder 15%, rice flour, sunflower oil.

These baby snack bars are suitable for babies aged twelve months and over. They are perfectly sized for Sofia’s little hands, although she does sometimes drop her snacks onto the floor so I have been breaking the bars in half so that she still has some left if she drops it. Each bar is divided into five individual squares so they are very easy to serve in bite-sized portions wherever we are. The bars have the natural sweet taste of organic dates and Sofia certainly enjoys them.


Goodies banana and date bars

Ingredients: Date paste 70%, dried bananas 30%, rice flour, sunflower oil.

The bars are the same size and structure as the apple and date bars and so they are ideal for little hands. They are suitable for babies aged twelve months and over. Out of all of the products that we have tried from the range I think that these bars were Sofia’s favourite and she has been going to the snack cupboard and helping herself whenever she feels like it. Some baby and toddler snacks have appeared to be so unappetising that I have never wanted to taste them, but everything in the Organix range that we have tried has looked fine and has had a subtle, pleasant aroma, so I tried a little bit of one of these bars and it just tasted of banana, date and nothing else.


Banana flavour rice cakes

Ingredients: Wholegrain rice 85%, banana juice concentrate 12%, apple Juice concentrate 3%, thiamin.

These miniature rice cakes are suitable for babies aged seven months and over and are naturally banana flavoured. They have a very pleasant banana aroma, and they do actually taste of banana, however they do not leave the strange aftertaste that I have experienced from other brands of flavoured rice cake on the market. For us the bag contained at least six small servings, and the rice cakes made the perfect snack for Sofia when we have been out and about. I would recommend placing four or five rice cakes into a separate container before going out because I found that the packaging bag tears very easily and does not travel well.


Red pepper hearts

Ingredients: Corn 79%, sunflower oil 12%, red pepper powder with rice flour 7%, carrot powder 2%, thiamin.

Organix red pepper hearts are healthy little crisps for babies that are perfect as part of a mid-morning snack or to accompany a sandwich and salad at lunchtime. They are suitable for babies aged seven months and over. As baby crisps they contain no added salt, however these crisps do have a level of flavour that is probably ideal for tiny palates that are getting used to new tastes and textures. The crisps are the perfect size and are certainly crunchy enough for babies.  Sofia is my youngest child and she sees her brother and sister eating crisps and wants to share them, so it has been great to have a healthy option for her as well. I was particularly impressed by the bright and appetising colour of these crisps, which has been achieved by simply using natural vegetable ingredients.

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