Organix Finger Food Red Pepper Hearts

Clare writes:

Sam (now two years and two months) was keen on the Organix crisps when he started eating finger foods, as a baby. His passion for them has clearly not completely dissipated. He recognised the branding on the Red Pepper Hearts immediately (slightly alarmingly!) and got pretty excited.

The heart shape of the crisps seemed to really appeal to him. He announced ‘ooh, heart’ with every one that he ate. And he ate a lot. The flavour is quite sweet and a little sharp; altogether a fairly strong taste for a toddler snack, which I think is one reason he enjoyed them so much.

All in all, they were a great success. He has tended to lose interest in snacks made specifically for toddlers, possibly because they are often a little bland, but he clearly loved these Red Pepper Hearts.

My only slight reservation about them is that he got covered in the red powder that coats them, and proceeded to smear it all over my dress.


Jenny writes:

Over the years I have come to recognise the brand Organix as a company that I can trust to ensure my children have healthy snacks with a wide variety of flavour.  It is a brand I would recommend and also buy again.

Organix foods are made from organic ingredients and come with a ‘No Junk Promise’ meaning that the ingredient list for the product is simple and healthy.  For example, the red pepper hearts contain only five ingredients, corn, sunflower oil, red pepper powder, carrot powder and a very small amount of added thiamine (vitamin B1).

The Red Pepper Hearts were a hit in our family and when presented to my youngest son on a buffet style lunch plate it was the red pepper hearts that he chose to eat first.  He cannot talk but it was obvious he enjoyed the snack as he went back for more and finished all his hearts before going onto the next food.

The red pepper hearts are nice and crunchy and the flavour of the red pepper and carrot is nice, even I found myself going back for a second and third heart after initially trying the food.

These red pepper hearts are a nice size and thickness and so easy for a young child to pick up, hold and feed themselves.  However the red pepper hearts are a little messy as the baked corn is covered in a red pepper and carrot ‘crumb’ like powder and some of this came off on my son’s fingers and was then spread around his face a bit.  This isn’t a big problem and can easily be wiped off.

Organix finger foods red pepper hearts are an excellent and healthier alternative to most crisps and snacks found at the supermarket and even my older son enjoyed eating them at lunchtime.

I like the way that Organix finger foods give children the opportunity to try different healthy foods and tastes, I had not heard of red pepper flavoured snacks before but after trying would definitely buy again for my children as not only are they healthy but they enjoyed eating them too.

Louise writes:

Although I aimed to test these out on Dexter who is 17 months, my big kids wanted to get involved too. While the Organix range is mainly aimed at toddlers trying finger foods etc. some of the products still appeal to older children too, especially those with slightly stronger flavours and are a slightly healthier option if you want to avoid them always having crisps. All three children loved these, despite none of them being pepper-fans. In fact peppers are one of the few foods I dislike and I quite enjoyed them too. The packet disappeared very quickly and they all wanted more. Definitely a success.

My only criticism would be that they are quite messy and everything was covered in red powder afterwards!


For more information and for stockists, take a look at the Organix website

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