Organix Cheese Stars

5024121362118_T1Melissa writes:

We tried the Organix Cheese Stars which is targeted at children aged 7+ months. It comes in little handy packets and are chunky star shaped made up of 5 segments. They are suitable for babies who are just starting out with finger food and have yet to develop their pincer grip. My son was a lot older than the targeted market at 17months when we first tried these snacks. He does explore the shape and can easily break the whole star into various segments before having a proper chomp on them.

The snacks are made with mostly corn and the other ingredients include sunflower oil, cheese powder (which included milk) and vitamin B1. They are really tasty and the cheese flavour does come through. My son loves his cheese so these Cheese Stars are just the right snacks for him. They are also a good way to get some extra calcium into him (with the cheese powder which is made with milk) and the additional vitamin B1 is a useful addition.

As with most corn snacks of this texture, it can get slightly messy when eating it. However, I would still recommend it. It is tasty and comes in handy packets for bringing out as a snack or a snack for home. They are also a good size for young babies to pick up and practise their finger food skills.

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