Organix Cereal and Snacks

Allison writes:

I must admit baby snacks are usually bland and unappealing when you’re trying to coax a toddler to eat them, but these crocodile crisps I actually like. They’re fun to look at and get a toddler interested in them, but they actually taste nice too. I had to restrain myself from having a packet myself, haha. My son and my niece demolished them in record time and both were disappointed when their packets were finished. Unfortunately, my local supermarket does not sell them (yet) so I am on a mission to find more.

The cereal was quite yummy too, a little chewy, which added to the appeal. My son likes his cereal, but tends to want his big sister’s chocolate one, so it was nice to see him eating this. I like the fact that it’s all good stuff that goes into the Organix products and their ‘no junk’ promise helps me feel better about allowing a little treat later in the day. I am very fussy about what food comes into my house as my daughter has some severe food allergies, so the ingredients were checked and approved. The less ‘junk’ that goes into food generally means it’s safer for my daughter, so Organix is quite an appealing brand, although she is at the top of the target age range. We also have my niece with us sometimes while my sister is at work and she has a very healthy diet, so Organix fit the bill.

We baked the fruity porridge to make porridge snacks for her and she couldnt get enough of them. The added vitamins were an added bonus. No complaints from this household!


Louise writes:

Although these are aimed at babies and younger children, we had some enthuastic testers in my 6 and 4 year old too. Suppose there’s no law to say Organix can only be enjoyed by babies and toddlers. In fact they are still fans of some of the crisps, hence their enthusiasm.

We like a bit of porridge in this house and this went down well – the raspberry adding a nice little extra flavour to the oats. I have to admit I didn’t actually give this to Dexter, the baby (okay, okay, he’s a toddler now), as we tend to go for a baby-led-weaning approach to eating… ie. lots of mess, and I didn’t really fancy hosingĀ him down before the school run. However, 5 year old Iris is our chief porridge eater and really enjoyed this.

I’m sorry to say we were not big fans of the NumberĀ Jumble Cereal. The kids were very keen and decided Dexter would definitely learn all his numbers by eating this but none of them really enjoyed it and said it didn’t taste of much. I think these would be fine for a first taste, but for babies and children who have had stronger tastes, they might find it a little bland. Dexter enjoys extra mature cheddar and a little bit of chilli so he’s probably not the target audience.

We loved the Sweetcorn Salsa Snappy Snacks – me included! Not a strong flavour, but still tasty – these disappeared very quickly and have been asked for again since!


For more information about these products and more, take a look at the Organix website or look at the links below:

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