Organix Alphabet and Farm Animal Biscuits

Melissa writes: 
As a parent of a young toddler, I am very particular with his intake of both salt and sugar. I try my best to avoid giving him anything with refined sugar. Organix only uses organic fruit product and concentrate in their product and also have a no junk promise. Their products are also sweetened with organic grape juice rather than refined sugar and are my trusted go-to brand when shopping for snacks for my toddler.

We tried both the Organix Goodies Alphabet Biscuits and also the Organix Goodies Farm Animal Biscuits. The Alphabet Biscuits come in a 5 multipacks box which are very convenient to bring along in the nappy bag for snacks outside. The biscuits are little round discs with different letters printed on them and are the right size for my toddler to pick up. There is also minimal mess as he is able to fit the whole biscuit into his mouth. At 16 months old, my son is not very concerned with the design of the biscuit and therefore the educational and fun aspect of the alphabet print is lost on my son. He does however love the taste of them as he goes through a whole pack in one session.
The Farm Animal Biscuits come in a single large pack of biscuits in a box which we use when we have snack time at home. There are 3 different types of animal prints (chicken, cow and pig) and they were slightly bigger than the Alphabet Biscuits but was still a manageable size for my son to fit whole into his mouth. The ingredients listed included Thiamin (Vitamin B1) (less than 1%), which I cannot comment on its effect. I do however see no harm in their addition and would feel assured that Vitamin B1 is being included into his diet. My son was more interested in these animal shapes and we had fun making animal sounds while he has them.

I would definitely recommend these products as they are mess free and are a tasty, convenient snack. The alphabet print and animal shapes would also be very entertaining for an older toddler and would make snack time a lot more fun.

Helena writes:

Organix Goodies Alphabet Biscuits
Alphabet biscuits from the Organix Goodies range are mini-bags of toddler-sized snacking biscuits, available in multipacks of five individually-packaged servings. They are suitable for babies over 12 months of age. Each of these little round biscuits bears the imprint of one of the letters of the alphabet on one side. All of the ingredients are organically produced except those such as sodium bicarbonate, which have no organic certification.

The biscuits contain: wholegrain wheat flour, wheat flour, grape juice concentrate, palm oil, sunflower oil, wholegrain oat flakes, sunflower seeds, sodium bicarbonate, thiamin (vitamin B1)
I have been trying out these biscuits with my daughter Sofia, and I was impressed by the fact that they contain no added sugar, as the natural sweetness is provided by the grape juice concentrate. Sofia has already become accustomed to sugary snacks, mainly because of the biscuits that she gets at playgroup and also from sharing with her older brother and sister, so I was unsure whether she would like these biscuits, but she has taken to them very well and seems to enjoy them. The fact that they are portion-packed makes them ideal for snacking on the go, and Sofia is able to hold the bag independently while sitting in her buggy. We usually go out in the morning and then she falls asleep on the way home, meaning that her lunch is sometimes very late, so having a healthy snack to give her before her nap has been fantastic and I will continue to buy this product.

Organix Goodies Farm Animal Biscuits
These toddler biscuits are suitable from 12 months of age and are perfectly-sized for toddlers to snack on. Each little biscuit resembles a farm animal, and the pack suggests serving a portion of around six, which I think is the maximum that my daughter Sofia would manage in one sitting.
The biscuits contain: wholegrain wheat flour, wheat flour, grape juice concentrate, palm oil, sunflower oil, raising agent (sodium bicarbonate), thiamin (vitamin B1)

Once again, all ingredients are organically produced except for those with no organic certification. Sofia certainly seems to enjoy these biscuits and does not seem to miss the sugar. We do a lot of baking at home, however I tend to follow the same recipes which do generally contain refined sugar, so these are probably healthier for Sofia than some of the snacks that I make for her myself. Unlike the Alphabet Biscuits, the Farm Animal Biscuits are not portion-packed, so we tend to have these as a treat at home, rather than when we are out and about. In terms of how the biscuits taste, both my husband and myself did not find the flavour to be particularly strong, and to an adult palate they may be a little bland, however Sofia certainly seems to enjoy them, and I will continue to buy them for her.


Leanne writes:

As most of the time with Organix products these were a hit with my 13 month twin girls, and also with their older brothers.

They were just the right size for their hands, and were handy as a mid morning snack. We had lots of fun learning the different animals and making the noises, which the girls are slowly picking up.
The number biscuits come in a handy small packet which are ideal to keep in my bag to keep for emergencies or again a snack.


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