Organic Monkey Hello Mellow Organic Massage Oil



Alice writes:

Newborn skin is so delicate I almost don’t want to put any products on it.  However if I am to put anything my baby’s skin I like to know it is a natural as possible.  So when it came to massage oil for my little one, it had to be organic all the way. Organic Monkey is a new range of fair-trade, organic skincare designed especially for babies’ delicate skin.

Most parents are now fully aware of the benefits of massage for babies and infants, and if you don’t I urge you to look into it as it’s a wonderful experience for both mother and baby, I just love massaging my little one and enjoy the bonding time it gives us, and The Hello Mellow Organic Massage Oil I was sent from Organic Monkey was great for this. Not only was I happy in the knowledge that it was natural and gentle for my little ones skin but it also smelt great and the blend of lavender and camomile essential oils are proven to be great for soothing restless babies.

I started using this massage oil when Orlaith was a week old and I was so impressed that even on such new skin it did not irritate her at all.  After our wash each evening we would have a little nappy off time and I would massage in this product.  She loved this time and I noticed that her skin was softer and re moisturised within two days of using this.  It was also great for calming her down after the tears we would have during wash time thanks to the relaxing properties of the lavender and camomile oils within the product.

I would recommend this to all new mums, its a great baby massage aid and not only did it do wonders for my little ones skin it also left my hands looking a feeling healthy and moisturised which in my eyes is a great bonus!  I look forward to trying more products from the Organic Monkey range.


Gemma writes:

This massage oil comes in a plastic pot which straight away I feel happy with as would not want to carry around a glass bottle. The scent of this oil is light and feels fresh. The oil isnt at all greasy like some oils I have used. This was perfect!
My baby enjoys his massages and this oil went down very well. As ever baby seemed calm cooing away with what I felt was a nice one to one time. I would highly recommend this oil.


Available from the Organic Monkey website at £12.00 for 125ml

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