Organic Babies Mum & Baby Rescue Balm

Jo writes:

This I found very hard to get into to start with and then I found the product very difficult to squeeze out of the tube. The consistency seemed  very thick and reminded me of the Eight Hour Cream you can buy. The balm is unperfumed but had a funny smell to it in my opinion. I found this product quite hard to review for these reasons and haven’t used it to any great extent but I did find it helped with dry skin and if easier to dispense I would use it more. I haven’t tried this product extensively on my son either although he does suffer with dry skin patches and it does seem to help.


Michelle writes:

An organic, fragrance free cream designed for dry skin, nipples, and the perineum.  Safe for use before, during and after breastfeeding. Suitable for skin prone to eczema or psoriasis.  Contains organic shea butter, hemp and calendula.

My daughter aged 5 suffers from eczema and dry patches, so trying an organic cream is ideal for her sensitive skin.  The balm is very greasy (so be sure to wash it off your hands before getting in the bath), but does rub into the skin well.  It doesn’t have a scent and once rubbed in the skin feels smooth to the touch.

We used the balm for 4 weeks on and off when her eczema was irritating, and although there was no noticeable change in the eczema patches, the amount of scratching did reduce, which anyone with eczema knows the scratching often makes the patches worse.

The balm can be applied as much as required sparingly, however due to how greasy it made the skin, it was something we only applied at bedtime after a bath so it could moisturise overnight.



Available from Green People for £9.70

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