Nip+Fab Sheer Make Up Fix

Alice writes:

I must admit I had heard mixed reviews about Nip+Fab products before; I have friends who swear by their range and others who had tried their cosmetics and hadn’t been impressed, so I entered this review with a mix of excitement and anticipation.

The Nip+Fab Sheer Make Up Fix sent to me claimed to ‘instantly even skin tone and texture whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines’ and promised ‘immediate smoothing and lifting effects and to keep make-up in place throughout the day’

I have to say that I have been blessed with good skin and only wear minimal make-up during an average day, if any at all.  The directions for the Sheer Make Up Fix says it can be worn ‘alone for a natural and even look or under make-up as a smoothing primer’, both sounded very suitable for my needs as I do like the fresh faced look, but also when I do wear make-up I find a primer a necessity as there is nothing worse than the ‘melting face’ look by the end of the day!

I have been using this product religiously for a week now and I am very impressed.  For the first two days I wore it alone on freshly cleansed and exfoliated skin with just a touch of mascara.  I felt confident that my skin was illuminated and it gave a real even look to my completion, it also smelt divine and my face felt silky smooth to the touch. On day three my friends were throwing me a baby shower and, as a self confessed girly girl I do take any opportunity to dress up, so the make up came out to compliment my lovely maternity outfit I had bought for the occasion.  I wore my Sheer Make Up Fix underneath my base and was instantly surprised as how much more even the coverage of my usual Benefit tinted moisturiser was with this primer underneath (I never knew you could improve Benefit make-up, I swear by it, but evidently you can!).  I also noticed that my make-up stayed in place well during the day, yet due to using high end cosmetics this is the norm for my make-up so I’m not sure if this was totally due to the Sheer Make Up Fix.  However I did also notice that in photos there was not one hint of shine on my face, even when the room was packed with my guests and I was suffering from the wonderful hot flushes of late pregnancy, and I would contribute this to the smoothing primer effects of the Nip+Fab product I was wearing.

I have continued to use this product every day and my skin feels smooth and fresh due to the reduced amount of make-up that has been put on it.  I would recommend this product highly, especially if you do like the thought of wearing just a sheer base coat with maybe just a little mascara or blusher, great for the natural look.  At £14.95 for 40ml it is also good value as a little goes a long way so I foresee the bottle I have lasting around two months. The only improvement I could find would be to add an SPF into the product as that is so important to keeping skin healthy and youthful.

All in all I think the Nip+Fab are….well….FAB, I can’t wait to try out some more of their range!


Claire writes:

I was quite excited when I found out I was reviewing this product, as a Mum of two who often has quite bad insomnia, something to improve the appearance of my skin without too much hassle is much sought after! I have very sensitive skin on my face and after washing it, it tends to be very sore, almost like I have sunburn so I do have to be careful what I use on it and so used a tiny bit of the Nip + FAB to start with, just to be on the safe side.
I needn’t have worried, this gel is so soothing to my skin, it cools and moisturises straight away and takes away any soreness in a matter of seconds. I didn’t notice any change in the appearance of my skin, but obviously as it was the first time I had used it, just assumed it takes a few uses before there is a real difference.
Unfortunately, after a couple of weeks, there was still no improvement but I was so very impressed when I wore makeup for the first time since starting to use this product. I went to a friend’s party and took all my makeup with me, expecting to need to do a touchup at some point during the evening, but was very pleasantly surprised when my makeup stayed put through the whole party and looked just as good when I got home as it did when I first put it on!
Although it hasn’t made any noticable difference to the appearance of my skin, I really do like this product for it’s soothing qualities and the fact that I don’t have to take my makeup out with me any more and so can take a much smaller bag in future.

Kat writes:

I am very fussy when it comes to skin care, I am one of these people that was not blessed with good skin and have a daily routine to try and keep it in check. I currently use Clinique as it seems to work best for me.  When this arrived I was really excited to see how it was going to work, I had never heard of Nib+FAB before but the reviews seemed promising.  I am always confused by the ‘how to use’ sections on products like this, sometimes they are very clear ‘use after cleanser and toner’ but most of the time, like this one, just say use after cleanser. I then spend the next month wondering if I am meant to cleanse AND tone or just use after cleanser, so I tried both.

Week one: I tried it after just cleansing, it was not good! I came up in blemishes my skin look dull and really unhealthy; I started to think this was not the magic product I was lead to believe it was and was ready to throw it in the bin but resisted to give it a full test.

Week two: using it after cleanser and toner, this provided better results after a week of this routine my skin looks and feels great and I have even started to notice a reduction in the size of the pores on my nose, something that is a constant battle for me!  I only use benefit make-up but rarely have a full face on for every day stuff, I have been asked by a few people this week what make-up I use as it has given me a lovely glow…. I guess that will be the Nib+FAB!

A little goes a long way and feels very silky, not greasy, once on.  I will be using this in replace of my Clinique moisturiser from now on.


Michelle writes:

I’m a bit of a creature of habit and like to stick to a product when I find one suitable for me, so I wasn’t sure about trialling this product.  I have sensitive skin and prone to break outs of rashes if the product is too harsh on my skin, but thought I would give this one a try.

It is claimed to ‘even out skin tone’, ‘improve skin texture’, ‘leave it soft, energised and younger looking’ and I have to agree with every claim made.

The cream smells lovely and you only need to apply a small amount, even after the 1st application, my skin felt ‘silky’ and soft, it didn’t leave a residue like some creams and was easy to apply.   Even after a shower, my face feels really soft and hasn’t felt dry at all.       I wore the cream without make up on the top, but it is designed so that you can either wear it without any other make up or under make up as a smoothing primer.

Since its launch, it has become the best seller at Boots, and they have a whole range of products.    The price is reasonable at £14.95 for 30ml, and I could easily imagine it would last about 3-4 months, so makes it very attractive price wise too.

I have been using the cream for well over 2 weeks, and I cant imagine going back to my original creams, this one definitely is a winner for me and I certainly will be going to buy some more once I run out!!


Buy Nip+Fab Sheer Make Up Fix for £14.95 from their website. You can also become a fan on facebook.


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