Nice – Canned Wine

Louise writes:

I wouldn’t say I am a wine connoisseur, but over the years I’ve become fussier about what I do drink, and would generally steer away from cheaper bottles, especially of a white or rose. I was intrigued by the idea of wine in a can and wondered if it would be any good. The little single serve bottles don’t tend to be great, though I know mixed drinks in cans do work quite well.

Start-up brand, Nice have launched the new canned wine products, featuring a pale rosé from the Montpellier area and a Sauvignon Blanc from Cotes de Gascogne and, retailing for £3, which I guess scaled up would be the equivalent of a £9 bottle, around the amount I would usually spend. Both wines are pleasant, the white more so than the pink – very light and drinkable and considerably better than the typical range of small bottles you can get. I don’t think they are actually equal to a £9 bottle but obviously you are also paying for convenience too.

100% recyclable and are perfect to drink on the train, move, beach, picnic or at a festival. Helping wine-drinkers have a ‘Nice’ time whatever the occasion, their maxim is “we’re here for the wins, the woes, and the why the hell nots. It’s #WineForWhenever”. We are off camping in a couple of weeks so I think I may have to invest in a few more cans!

Nice is led by two South London based entrepreneurs with a background leading some of the most successful and innovative food startups in Britain, Lucy Wright and Jeremy May. This depth of experience gave the pair the confidence and know-how to achieve £300,000 of investment from angel investors prior to launch. Plus founder Lucy is Essex born and raised!

find Nice in Sainsbury’s stores across the UK from February 2019, alongside listings in key independents and at the best UK festivals as summer 2019 unfurls.




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