Nativity! The Musical

Louise writes:

When I said to my kids we had tickets to see Nativity the Musical, they were genuinely overjoyed. It actually surprised me how much, as I thought of it as Nativity as one of those mildly amusing films we’d seen and thought the stage version could be similar, but they clearly had high expectations! In the week leading up to us going, everyone I mentioned it to expressed how jealous they were, or said that they had tickets too and couldn’t wait, which made me realise I was clearly in a minority!

I have to say, the kids were not disappointed. The show was a lot of fun, very much had the feel-good factor and perfect for this time of year. The main characters were clearly closely based on their film counterparts: with Mr. Poppy and Mr. Maddens being very similar to the movie performances, but I think this was generally to the show’s benefit rather than detriment. The songs were lively, and the second half in particular was pretty sensational. I did feel there were a few rather dubious jokes about being gay which I thought we’d left in the 1980s but other than that it was funny too.

Now, I am saying all this as someone who a) isn’t a huge fan of musicals, and b) was coming own with ‘flu whilst watching it, so I did spend most of the second half with my eyes closed as it was so bright, but my three children reported back that it was ‘the most amazing thing I have ever seen’ and the audience gave it a standing ovation so it was clearly a huge hit! Felix said he was singing the songs in his head the next day and all the kids expressed an interest in seeing the films again. Poor Dexter is only four and was very tired by the end of it but still said he had a great time!

Nativity The Musical is now touring the rest of the UK during November and December and certainly makes a great alternative to a traditional panto and in my slightly bah humbug opinion is a lot more enjoyable! 

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  1. Great to hear you all enjoyed it. The film is one of our family favourites so was sad we missed it in Southend. Booked up to see in it London instead of a panto as I know they’ll live it (shhhh….dont tell the boys!) X

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