NAGA Magnetic Glass Noticeboard

Louise writes:
When we were given the opportunity to review this board I was imagining that it would look rather good in my kitchen, functional yet stylish, probably the nicest thing in there, to be totally honest. What actually happened was that when it arrived, I looked around at the lack of wall space and started to wonder where I would put it… then my daughter came in and said “Oh Mummy, that would look perfect in my room, it’s the right colour and I don’t have a noticeboard”, accompanied, of course, by a bit of a sad face. Who could say no?

We are rubbish at DIY and it took us ages to get round to doing it, slightly fearful of anything that involved drilling holes but when we did (and by ‘we’, I mean my husband) it turned out to be really straightforward. He went upstairs armed with spirit levels and tape measures and expecting to find overcomplicated instructions but it was about as simple as it could be: all fittings were included and it came with an extremely handy piece of paper that showed you how widely apart the holes needed to be which made the whole process super easy.

Mix colors InspirationThe board looks great. It’s a lovely raspberry red colour (though it does come in a range of colours and sizes) and the glass gives it a really nice, modern feel. It’s magnetic and comes with a couple of extra strong magnets, though we plan to purchase a few more. It can also be written on with a wipeable marker pen, which Iris loves, and I forsee being really popular when she has friends round!

The range starts at around £20 for the smallest size board and goes up to £400+ for a massive board that is a metre and a half wide so it’s not a cheap range, but it is really versatile and does look lovely, so would be fantastic addition to any room.

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