My Carry Potty

Allison writes:
I have been very lucky with my daughter that she has wanted to use the potty and potty training has been relatively easy. We put the potty in the room where she plays and she would just use it whenever she needed it.  Then we progressed to using the ‘big toilet’.

Our only problem was my confidence with taking her out without a nappy.  We live in the countryside, so anywhere we go takes at least 20 minutes and sometimes a two year old cannot wait that length of time. Also, parks tend not to have toilet blocks, or certainly, not ones where I can get my double buggy in, so a nappy always felt safer to me.

My Carry Potty helped me overcome my nerves.  It fits undernearth the buggy, so can be taken everywhere easily, or it can be carried as it has a handle. The one we have is red and yellow and looks quite a bit like a lunch box (this fact has caused numerous jokes in my house).  The only giveaway is the embossed ‘My Carry Potty’ on the side, which you can only see if your actually looking at it. So, thankfully, strangers wouldn’t necessarily know what you’re carrying around with you.

The size and weight of this product are good as it fits in all the places that it needs to and can be carried easily by a toddler.  It fits snuggly underneath a stroller, which means it can be taken everywhere discreetly, which for some of us, is very important.  It also fits in the footwell of the car, which means we can stop on long journeys without the hassle of having to find service stations, or more importantly for me, without having to get both kids out of the car at service stations.

The best thing about this travel potty, however, is that its contents are locked away until you can appropriately dispose of them.  The seal is airtight so even with a toddler swinging it around, the contents stay exactly where the designers intended it to.  This means the smell stays locked away too, so you won’t get people wondering what that smell is as you walk past them.  Sometimes it can be hard enough finding somewhere discreet for your toddler to use the potty, without having to find somewhere to empty it too. Plus it’s wipe clean, which mean it’s easy to clean. A definite bonus.

The potty is lightweight but it is made with a good strong plastic that could survive a toddlers ‘enthusiasm’ for banging things.  Its not the smallest travel potty on the market, but it is sturdy and airtight and you dont need extra bits to go with it, such as bags and pads to soak up the contents.  You can tell this product has been designed by a mum, as it is practical.

For those that are at an earlier stage of potty training there is a book that accompanies the carry potty to help teach the child about its purpose.  There is even a sticker reward chart in the book to help encourage the child to use their carry potty.  A lot of thought has gone into this product to make it as good as it is for both parent and child.  I would definitely recommend this potty to any mums wanting to make the potty training period easier for themselves and their children.


My Carry Potty is available from Cheeky Rascals for £24.99

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