Mr and Mrs Pocket Edition

Louise writes:

I have played the Mr and Mrs board game before and quite enjoyed it, despite it being a little on the corny side. We played a couple of times with friends, and it still provides us with lots of amusement about the time that one friend was outraged because her husband thought she preferred a curry over a roast, and the disbelief of another friend that his wife didn’t know he really wanted a birdbath. You think you know someone…

The travel edition is a similar format: questions to see how well you really know each other, but is a little broader, aimed at all relationships, including questions for children too. It can be used to update the existing board game but is actually great as it is. Perfect, as we found, for a long car journey and provides lots of amusement. I found that my youngest son sometimes found it hard to dissociate what he thought the answer should be from the answer I was giving him, but he is only four, so younger than the target audience, plus he is a child who demands a definitive answer from the ‘Would you rather’ game!

All in all, this is a good, fun game. A bit silly at times but provides lots of amusement – probably a fun one to play over Christmas!

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