Minnie Mouse Pet Shop Play Set

When given the chance to review the Minnie Mouse Pet Shop I could hardly say no, given that my daughter would pretty much see this is a dream come true. As much as I am loathe to say it, she is a pink-loving Minnie Mouse fan who loves cute animals. I was sure any Disney toy would get a thumbs up from Iris, but this in particular was almost tailor-made for her.

When it arrived, I was not disappointed. I hadn’t told her it was coming and left it on the table for when she got home from nursery and her face was a picture. I have rarely seen her react to a new toy in such an ecstatic way!

The pet shop looks like a little house from the outside, then opens up to reveal a pet salon, complete with a little Minnie, a cat and other accessories such as a kennel and bowl. Everything is, of course, pink, which I find pretty yucky but Iris just adores. What do I know, hey? She was even more excited to discover you can pump water out of one of the features – a tap, and that various parts of it move, and the Minnie Mouse Pet Shop has definitely  become a favourite toy. Iris refers to it as her ‘Minnie Mouse Club House’ which annoys her older brother immensely, and when asked which her favourite part of it was, reeled off a list of every single piece.


The Minnie Mouse Pet Shop Play Set is available from the Disney Store for £25.00

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