Meerkats Keychain & Bobblehead Car Toy

Alice writes:

During a visit to Colchester Zoo this summer I commented to my friend how much more ‘high profile’ Meerkats cats were in Zoo’s these days.  Jokingly I quipped that they’ll soon be taking over the world, or at least bringing out their own toy range for Christmas. Turns out I was right with the second part at least!

Mint Toys in association with 50Gifts have released a range of Meerkat stocking fillers ready for the upcoming festive season.  I was sent the Meerkat Keychain and the Meerkat Bobblehead Car Toy to review.

The keychain was an instant hit with my family (adults included).  It’s a little on the large size to be attached to an actual bunch of keys but the range of saying and phrases, in comical Russian accent, did make us giggle. Listening to my two year old trying to copy the accent was also hilarious and I would most certainly put something like this in her stocking just for the laughs it would have provided on Christmas morning.

The Bobblehead Car Toy is designed to be stuck on the dashboard or parcel shelf of a car, with a handy sticky pad for easy attachment, in the same way you would have a nodding dog or suchlike.  The toy itself is very nice. The Meerkat is very cute looking and the wobbly head is well attached, its survived a of week of being shook and wobbled by a two year old and still works and looks as if it were new.  I personally am not a fan of car toys; I haven’t known anyone who has attached one to their car since the late 80’s, so I wouldn’t purchase this as a stocking filler for a car owner.  However my two year old loved this toy and found the wobbly head very amusing so I could see this being enjoyed by children as part of their toy collection.

Both items are well marketed as ‘stocking fillers’, they are lacking the certain plush finishes that I would expect from a ‘main’ present (for example the keychain does not come in its own box), but I would recommend them for little ones (and grown up too) that have a soft spot for these cute animals and their new found fame.


Gemma writes:

Meerkats are very popular in our house – we have the Meerkat Keychain and the Bobble Meerkat When I received these items I was pleased and knew they would be a hit as they’re great on the eye.  The keyring doesnt come in a box but I don’t see this as a problem. Christmas morning came and my son’s face when he opened these was a picture. He couldn’t stop giggling at the Keychain saying “Squeeze me baby” amongst other things. This item was very much enjoyed by the family. The keychain has now been put onto my sons book bag for school and has shared giggles amongst his friends. The dashboard bobble was also very fun. This does come in a box and packaged well. Quite often my son will wobble the head on this and made him giggle. Enjoyed once again by the family. This is made quite solidly but does seem quite cheap if im honest. Certainly made him laugh and smile. I can see lots of giggles ahead too.

Available from the 50Gifts website

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