Maclaren Beginning Purifying Bath and Shower Elixir



Louise writes:

The Maclaren Beginning Purifying Bath and Shower Elixir is part of the new ‘Beginnings’ range of products from Maclaren, aimed at Mums-to-be, Mums and babies. It’s certainly nice to be pampered during pregnancy when you’re not always feeling your best and I know I’ve always enjoyed splashing out a bit on some lovely bath and shower products to ease those aching muscles.

The Elixir is a specially formulated blend of essential oils – “organic Orange essential oil for lightheartedness, Pettigrain for positivity and Mandarin for creativity”. It’s designed for pregnant women, though not recommended in the first trimester – I’m not entirely sure why. Using natural ingredients is obviously appealing, especially during pregnancy.

When pregnant I found the scent of this very pleasant – it’s not too strong which I think is especially good if you’re suffering from morning sickness and can’t handle strong smells. When not pregnant I wasn’t keen on the smell, which is quite odd! It’s refreshing and quite invigorating, though personally I prefer something that lathers up a bit more!

Generally, I would say this is a pleasant product but I’m not sure I enjoyed it enough to justify the price-tag. It would be a nice thing to receive as a gift, maybe as part of a gift box of the range, but I can’t imaging buying it for myself. However, I can imagine that someone who was a little more into aromatherapy and loved citru
sy smells would love it.


Available for £15.00 from Babythings4U


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