lumipottyJenny writes:

Potty training has not been an easy journey for us and my youngest son.  He is now 42 months and we have decided to try potty training again.  When he first saw the LumiPotti, he was very impressed with it.  His favourite colour is green and so the green LumiPotti was really appealing to him.

The potty is very well made using anti-microbial plastic that helps to fight against many harmful bacteria including MRSA E-coli and Salmonella.  It has a very good design with a lovely deep bowl which reduces the risk of spillage as the child gets up off the potty and can also hold a very big wee.  It has a tall and wide back rest and a good high peak at the front to stop any leakage.  It is very sturdy on the ground.

As my son is larger than most potty-training toddlers, I was very pleased that the potty is plenty big enough for him as we have struggled with some round and small potties before.  The back rest is perfect, it is not too narrow and does not cause any of the discomfort that we have experienced before with other potties where the back-rest has dug into my sons sides. In the past we have had problems with the peak at the front of potties being too tall or awkward shaped so that it made it difficult for my son to sit down easily and be comfortable, this was not a problem with the LumiPotti front peak presumably because it has a lovely smooth edge to the peak.

The LumiPotti is a very clever potty which comes with a night-light to aid potty use at night time.  The night-light takes 3 x AA batteries and comes on by itself when it is dark and detects movement in the room and remains on for 60 seconds after movement is detected.  This is ideal for night-time training as means your child does not need to worry about switching on lights in the dark and can easily get to the potty and back to bed without any fuss.

lumipotty2Batteries for the night-light are not included with the LumiPotti and so my son became quite interested as he watched me try to remover the night-light compartment.  I must admit that this was quite tricky to do as the instructions were not that clear and was definitely a two handed job to squeeze the plastic tab underneath the potty and pull from the top at the same time.  However – this got much easier to do after a few attempts.

The night-light only comes on when it is dark and the first time my son saw the lights, he thought they were fantastic.  He told me that the light was a smiley face (we even made eyes for it) and he was very happy about it and enjoyed ‘playing’ with the light and sitting still and then jumping around to make it come on.

Unfortunately, we have not really progressed any further with actual potty training this time although we have finally found a potty that my son likes.  The potty sits in his room during the night time and the night-light is very useful when my son calls out to us and we need to enter his room and we think it is an excellent idea.

We also like the fact that the night-light part of the LumiPotti can be removed used as a portable light for when our son is toilet trained and needs to go the bathroom during the night thus meaning we will not need to leave any lights on for him all night.

There are obviously cheaper potties out there on the market but we really like the LumiPotti and feel that it really does cover every potty/toilet training need that a child has whilst training both during the day and for night-time training.  There are not really any negative comments I can make about the LumiPotti and would suggest it to friends if they were looking into purchasing a potty.


LumiPotti – – the day to night potty with a night light which encourages children’s natural progression through every stage for total toilet training. The special movement activated night light helps children master night dryness. RRP £19.99 + £2.50 P & P. 

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