Luca Bocelli Regatta Blue Leather Organiser Bag

Michelle writes:

Made of soft Nappa leather with double zip closure, twin handles and detachable strap.  This bag has a large interior with a light floral lining.  Multiple pockets for toiletries, make up and section which folds out for make-up brushes, pencils etc..

When the bag was delivered, I was immediately surprised at the quality and size of the bag, being a mum of 2, I’m used to bags which can carry everything but the kitchen sink, so was surprised at the amount of space it had internally. I’m not overly keen on the regatta blue colour, but that is more of a personal taste. It also comes in black, which would be the colour I would choose if buying.

Looking internally it had different sections and could hold so many bits and pieces, which was great for the kids who asked me to carry bits for them as I had extra space.

I like the fact you have handles and a detachable strap, making it perfect for different trips out / hanging over the buggy.

This bag would be also suitable for travelling as hang luggage, as a nappy changing bag as there’s tons of storage, a student or a mum who has lots to carry.  It is stylish so you feel grown up despite the amount you have potentially inside.  I used it as a handbag when I went shopping and to the park and could fit drinks and snacks in easily so meant I only had one bag to carry.

The price for the bag is quite reasonable looking at the quality, I can’t imagine the blue one will stay clean for me for long, by the time it’s been on the floor I can imagine it gets a bit dirty, but as it is leather, it should wipe clean fairly easily.

Definitely a worthwhile purchase for those who like to carry lots but don’t want to carry unattractive or multiple bags!


The Leather Organiser Bag is available from Bags etc. for £25.00. Check out their website for a wide range of bags and accessories



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