Little Yums by Plum – Organic nibbly wafers

Jenny writes:
There are many brand of baby food on the market but Plum has always been one that stood out to me.  Their packaging is clear and simple. Their food is organic with no additional flavours, colours or preservatives and also with no added salt or sugar. Their range of food encourages good habits with a wide variety of fruit and vegetables and I have grown to trust the brand.

These Little Yums organic nibbly wafers do not disappoint or change my opinion on the range.

The wafers are wrapped in packs of three which means they are ideal for putting a pack in your changing bag and also that they keep as fresh as possible until you use them.  The wafers are very light and easy for a young child to hold.  The wafer easily dissolves in the mouth and can be sucked on by a young teething baby or eaten by a toddler.

We tried the Pumpkin and Banana first and my son very eagerly enjoyed the first wafer and asked for ‘More’ so he clearly enjoyed it.  The wafer was not messy and did not crumble whilst eating and I happily gave him a second and then eventually the third from the pack.  It was very clear that he was happy whilst eating.  Obviously I tried the wafer myself and although as an adult I did not like the texture, I did find the taste pleasant with banana obvious and it also had a nice smell.  I was impressed by this product.

The next day we tried the spinach, apple and kale wafers.  My first opinion was that maybe the product was trying a little too hard to be healthy and personally I did think it was a strange combination of foods.  This time, I tried the wafer before my son and I must say that I personally preferred the pumpkin and banana flavour.  However, when my son saw me eating the wafer, he immediately came over and asked for the other two from the pack.  Again he quickly ate the wafers and was very happy whilst doing so.

I will be buying this product again as it is a very easy and very healthy snack for my child.  The wafers are ideal for using whilst out and about and allow my child to get used to a wide variety of flavours.  I would also recommend them to friends with babies from 6months upwards and to those with older babies or toddlers.


Louise writes:

These are a really nice little snack. They come in two flavours: pumpkin and banana and spinach, apple and kale, and Dexter is a fan of both! They are individually wrapped in packs of three so great for a little snack or to take out with you, and it means that they last a while in the box without going stale.

I gave them a try and really thought I would prefer the pumpkin and banana flavour, as the other seemed a slightly odd combination, but I was surprised. The banana one is really nice and quite a subtle flavour, but the spinach, apple and kale was actually really tasty. The apple is the stronger of the flavours and is really pleasant.

Most importantly, Dexter wolfs them down whenever he has them and as they are such a healthy snack, this is a good thing for a boy who has been treated to far too much chocolate already by virtue of having two older siblings! Although he’s a little older now, I think these would have been a really good option as a teething biscuit too if you want to avoid the more sugary rusks etc.


For more information and to buy online visit the Plum website


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