Little Pinkies Heart Shaped Locket

Michelle writes:

When I found out I was reviewing this product, I was immediately excited. It was something I have been planning to get done but never managed to find the time to get it sorted.
Little Pinkies offers the opportunity to memorialise finger prints, handprints and even footprints onto jewellery to last forever.   Perfect as a memorial item or ‘just because’ item. The company offer a variety of items to personalise, including cufflinks, necklaces, charms for bracelets, so you are really not limited in choice.

I chose a silver locket and contacted Little Pinkies to ask how easy it would be to put a print of a footprint onto the locket, something that had been done a while ago, as opposed to getting my kids to do a print there and then. The lady I spoke to was very helpful and I actually scanned across the print for her with the wording to be engraved. Had I have done the print on the day, all the materials were sent by the company with an explanation on what to do so would be fairly easy. The biggest thing would be getting the kids to actually want to do a finger or hand print onto a piece of paper.

I was so excited on the day the locket arrived, it came in a box which presented it perfectly. The locket is stunning, it is exactly what I asked for and has space inside for 2 photos. The only thing is it looks a bit like the engraving isn’t deep enough and to look at it in the box you cant really read it unless you hold it up close.  This isn’t a bad thing, but just a general observation. As a added plus, the company engraved a date on the reverse of the locket for me, which added to the very personal touch!!

The price of the locket and engraving seems reasonable to me, for a nice piece of jewellery and engraving such a personal thing, is worth paying that little bit extra for.


Sterling Silver Heart Shaped Locket available from Little Pinkies for £40.00

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