Knitted Striped Dress – Black/Pink from A Beautiful Mummy

Alice writes:

Buying maternity clothes you will only be wearing for a few months can seam like a little waste of money to me, especially when you aim to get back into your pre-pregnancy fashion ASAP.  Well, ‘A Beautiful Mummy’ has solved this problem by designing a range of clothes that are perfect for pregnant ladies and nursing mothers, and if I’m honest for long after that as well.  Their collection of multi-awarding winning maternity and breastfeeding clothes give you the most flattering looks through your pregnancy and then offer you a discreet yet stylish way to breastfeed your baby discreetly.

I originally ordered the dress in a medium (size 12) and found that even at 8 months pregnant it was a little baggy, so I would say their sizes are certainly cut on the generous side.  I returned the dress and asked for a Small (size8-10) which was a lovely fit and I was very impressed with the speed of their customer service.  The material allows for great give over a pregnant belly while still hugging your curves in all the right places, making it very flattering.  I did wear the dress a once in the last few weeks before Orlaith was born, but as I was not wanting to stretch the stomach area I put it away for once the baby arrived.

The top half of the dress has breastfeeding access via a hidden flap under the bust on the empire line, cleverly masked by the striped design of the dress.  Now unfortunately for me Orlaith did not take to breastfeeding well and we only lasted a week, however in that week I did use the dress and can say that they way I was able to give her access to her milk without losing my dignity would certainly have given me confidence feeding her in public if we were to have continued to feed this way.  You can also purchase a scarf to match the dress to give you extra coverage for the times you are breastfeeding in public if you wish.

All in all I love the dress and still wear it now even though I am not breastfeeding – it washes well for a dress that is 50% wool, my only criticism on this aspect is that it must be dried on a hanger or flat as it cannot be ironed, which if you forget (like I have with my baby brain) you end up having to wash the dress again.

I love the whole collection on the website, will definitely be recommending theme to my pregnant friends.


The Knitted Striped Dress is available from A Beautiful Mummy for £80.00


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