Jump Street

Louise writes:

Last Sunday morning we trooped off to Chelmsford to try out the new Jump Street Trampoline Park that opened there a few weeks ago. We went to an early ‘sibling session’ so that Dexter could come along too as often these places are for four and up. He’s a robust, tall, nearly four year old but it was still nice to go along at a time where we knew it was likely to be less busy. My children were very excited, I was keen to find out what it’s all about, but a little concerned about the old pelvic floor situation!

The first thing that struck me was how enormous it was! And almost entirely covered with things to bounce on! My kids (and husband), immediately bounded off like little kangaroos, I was a little more reticent but once I got going, had a great time. There’s lots to do, whether it’s just straight bouncing, dodgeball, basketball, gladiator style combat, tightrope walking, jumping into giant horrific squishy bin bag things… okay, so it was only me who found them horrific, the kids thought they were brilliant and jumped again and again…

We were there for an hour session, which was a good amount of time: certainly long enough to get achey calves and to wear out the kids, and everyone had a great time. I think coming early at the weekend is a good idea as it looked like the next session was busier, though the place is so big, I can’t imagine this being a problem.

There’s a cafe overlooking the trampoline park for those who are not so keen to jump, and an intriguing climbing wall area (the biggest in the world apparently), though this is separate. Jump street host children’s parties, school trips, fitness sessions and all sorts of regular classes, as well as some intriguing one off events: Valentine’s Trampolining Speed Dating anyone?

All in all, we had a great time and would definitely go back. We are in Southend and I always think of Chelmsford as being a bit far but it was half an hour door to door so absolutely worth another visit!


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