Jack N’ Jill Kids

Louise writes: Jack N’ Jill Kids, an iconic Australian natural toothpaste brand, is now available in the UK. With their all-natural formula, they aim to turn brushing into a fun and safe experience.

The range incorporates toothpaste of various flavours; toothbrushes – both manual and electric; silicone finger brushes – perfect for cleaning gums and first teeth; rinse cups – all designed to make brushing fun and most importantly, safe for kids. My four year old son Dexter tried out a few items from the range, and really loved them!


Jack N’ Jill Buzzy Brush Electric Musical Toothbrush

Dexter absolutely adores this toothbrush. Firstly, when he opened it, he was able to customise it himself with some fun stickers: always a hit. Then, he was totally enamoured with the Buzzy Brush song. Basically the brush has three settings: a normal, silent mode, an instructional mode and a song – “I am you buzzy toothbrush!”. The song is very loud and annoying to my ears, but brilliant to his and I really can’t fault it as the boy who used to try to get away with ten seconds of brushing, now listens to the song right through to the end, brushing the whole time. You can’t get much better than that!


Jack N’ Jill Bunny Gift Kit

This great little kit includes a Bunny Rinse/Storage Cup, Natural Toothpaste, a Bio Toothbrush Bunny and a Silicone Tooth & Gum Brush. The toothpaste comes in a range of fruity flavours: strawberry, banana, blueberry, raspberry and blackcurrant. I have never seen the appeal of fruity toothpaste as I love the freshness of a strong mint, but my kids love it, and the older two have been trying to steal it from Dexter. The toothpaste is rich in xylitol, contains organic calendula to soothe gums, plus is fluoride free, sugar free, colour free, SLS Free, has no artificial preservatives, and is gluten free. Phew! The rest of the kit features the bunny motif and is super-cute! We haven’t tried out the toothbrush yet as Dexter has been using the electric one but it looks like a good brush. This would be a great little present for a new baby.


Jack N’ Jill Tooth Keeper Bunny

The tooth fairy has been a rather hit and miss affair in our house so I love this: an adorable little pouch to put a tooth in so that little Miss Sparkletoes the fairy doesn’t have to scrabble around under a pillow looking for the world’s tinest tooth. Lovely! Unfortunately Dexter is still a few years off losing a tooth, but he’s looking forward to using this when he does!


Browse the full Jack N’ Jill range at www.jackandjillkids.com

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