Into The Groove, Cliffs Pavillion

Tracy writes:

My friend and I have seen Madonna a couple of times live, so enjoy her music.

We went for a girl’s night out and a dance. It was a shame that it was all seated. We would have danced from the beginning, but aren’t the type of people to dance in the aisles, without a few drinks!

The Madonna impersonator had a great voice, sung all the songs very well, and had a great personality. Along with the lead guitar player, she made sure the crowd were entertained throughout, encouraging the audience to join in and enjoy the show.

After the interval, the whole of the stalls were dancing, including my friend and I!

There was a great mixture of songs, some of which we had forgotten about!

All in all a good night out. We had a dance and a laugh, which is exactly we wanted.

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