Hugo Frosch Eco Hot Water Bottle

Louise writes:

You wouldn’t think there would be that much to say about a hot water bottle but these are great! They feel quite different to a normal hot water bottle as they are in a harder shell rather than a softer plastic/rubber case but they are still very comfortable and are considerably easier to fill because you don’t have the floppy neck issue you’d usually have. They come in a lovely fleecy cover and stay warm for absolutely ages!

The biggest thumbs up for these hot water bottles though, is that they are ec0-friendly. They are free of plasticizer and PVC and are sustainable and future-proof. They use fewer materials and have a more efficient production process than standard hot water bottles, and on top of all that are suitable for recycling.

The adult range comes with fleece- and doublefleece-covers and with high quality knitted covers, and the child’s range comes with a glove puppet cover, “Punchinello” or as playmates “Hugo,der Frosch” (Hugo the Frog) and “Hoppel, der Hase” (Hoppel the Hare).

Check out the Hugo Frosch website for more information on how to purchase.  A limited range of Hugo Frosch bottles is available from Amazon


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