Camp Hop, Hop Farm Family Park, Kent

Claire writes:

We were invited to a press preview of a summer event running at The Kent Hop Farm Family Park in Kent, called Camp Hop. Having seen the poster of what was on, my eldest daughter was really excited about it. It only took us an hour and a half to get there and was very well signposted so we found it easily and were very impressed with the parking facilities, the car park is a good size and right next to the Park entrance. We were given a very warm welcome, presented with Park wristbands and informed that once the preview was over, we were welcome to use all the Park’s facilities and stay as long as we liked.

We were then invited to sit in The Tea Rooms, which was a lovely, clean cafe with very comfy seating. My two girls were taken to meet the Park’s very entertaining character (whose name unfortunately escapes my frankly awful memory, my apologies, I only remember that he was a mole) and his ‘sidekick’, both of whom had my girls and all the other children in stitches! We were then shown around some of the Parks many attractions, including the Magic Factory, which was full of clever tricks and illusions and kept my girls entertained for ages! Next stop was the big top, where the main event of the summer is to take place. My girls took part in a cheerleading class, basketball hoop shooting competition, musical instrument workshop, a party dance workshop and an air guitar competition. The staff/entertainers were fantastic and kept the children (and the parents I have to admit) amused and really enthusiastic all through every activity.

Once the children had tried their hand at all the Camp Hop activities and were thoroughly worn out, it was off to The Shires Restaurant for lunch. The food was really well presented and according to my youngest daughter, really yummy!

There was plenty to fill us all up and both girls had to leave some of theirs. By this time it was 1pm and the preview was over, so wewent for a wander round and ended up staying until 4pm! There is so much to do at this park that it is definitely a place for a whole day out rather than just a few hours. Unfortunately, it did rain all day so we had to miss out on some of the attractions, but we were given a family pass and asked to return on a day when we have slightly better weather and we will definitely be taking up the opportunity some time soon!! I would like to point out though, that even in rainy weather there is a lot to do as a fair amount of the park’s attractions are indoors, including the Camp Hop activities.


If you would like to know more about this fantastic Park and all it has to offer, visit their website:


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