Harlow High Ropes

We had a great day out a few weeks ago at the brand new Harlow High Ropes centre at Essex Outdoors as part of our series of reviewing great days out in co-operation with Visit Essex. The site offers a variety of challenging and exciting elements designed to test your comfort zone to the limit and describes itself as “the perfect adrenaline-fuelled day out for adventure loving families.”

My family love adventure… me, not so much. I was quite happy to watch from the group while the rest of them clambered up high and monkied around in the air. The centre has two state-of-the-art activities allowing families to ‘choose their own adventure’ and enjoy a stimulating one and half hour session – with something for everyone age 6+. My kids and husband started off on the main frame. Iris is a gymnast and was soon balancing along a tightrope style rope that was so thin I thought at first she had gone the wrong way. Felix and Dexter were a little more hesitant, especially Dexter who was only just tall enough to reach the top of the ropes.

In fact, this would be my one word of warning. The whole thing was super safe and well organised, with excellent briefings beforehand and staff on hand to assist. However, he was only just tall enough which meant he was often having to reach to a point he could just manage, and I think this made it a little scarier for him that for the other kids who found moving across the ropes a bit easier.

That being said, they all loved it and stayed on for ages before coming off and racing up the climbing walls for half an hour immediately after. They were all keen to visit again and do more of the same!

90 minute sessions start at just £12, so book up some summer holiday fun now on https://www.essexoutdoors.com/individuals-and-families/leisure-and-recreation/harlow-high-adventure/