Haberman Bird Cup

Helena writes:

The Haberman Bird Cup is a sippy drinking cup for babies and toddlers. This cup is part of the Haberman Anywayup range, and is available in three colours – pink, green and blue. I have been trying out a pink cup with my nine-month-old daughter Sofia.

Our Bird Cup does actually look like a little pink bird, with a spout for a beak and handles for wings. The cup is designed to be fully leak-proof, which is something that I have never managed to achieve in any of the various sippy cups that my children have tried over the years, so I was very interested to see whether this one would work for Sofia.

The Anywayup Cup is suitable for all babies over six months of age. It has a capacity of 250ml, and can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher or in the microwave, minus the lid. The material is BPA free. The cup is designed to be leak-proof from any angle, with juice flowing only when baby is sucking and swallowing, with the added benefit of helping to protect tiny teeth. The Anywayup technology is designed to prevent all leaks and spillages and ensure that baby’s clothing stays dry whilst out and about.

On a personal note, I really like the design of this cup. Sofia can easily hold it and put it into her mouth all by herself and she always uses the cup on her own without any help. It has certainly proved to be fully leak-proof, in the sense that if it is held upside-down or if it is dropped then we get no spillages, which is fantastic because this is the only leak-proof cup that I have ever tried that has been 100% effective. The juice flows well when Sofia is sucking, although she sometimes gets a bit too much at once and spits it out, so her clothes do get a little wet. However, a dribble bib is sufficient to soak it up, and she is getting better at taking the right amount at a time. The product information does state that the cup is designed to improve hand-to-mouth coordination and encourage the child to sip rather than guzzle their drink, and I do think that is it working with Sofia.

I have been impressed with the way that the cup works, especially as it has proved to be fully leak-proof and spill-proof, which is great when we are out and about. Perhaps even more importantly, this cup is Sofia’s favourite, so I know that it must be comfortable for her to use and that the drinking function is working well for her. We will continue to use the Bird Cup and I intend to buy another one so that we will have a spare. Overall this is a great product that has worked very well.


Louise writes:

We tried out the green version of this cup with my son Dexter, starting when he was about 18 months. We’d tried loads of cups before with mixed success – not because he had trouble using them but because he was very good at emptying them everywhere. I am very pleased to say that he has not managed to spill a drop with this cup! He has tried but it is the one drinking vessel that has thwarted his attempts.

The cup looks great – it’s a really nice design, quite stylish looking as well as functional, easy to hold etc. Dexter really enjoys using this and will always choose this one above other cups. It comes in pink, blue and green, and if I had one criticism it would only be that I would like to see it in more colours!


For more information and where to buy, take a look at the Haberman website.The Bird Cup is just £4.95

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