Green Nippers Long Sleeve Raglan T-shirt


Jenny writes:

I had never heard of Green Nippers before trying this item but their range is both practical and unique.

Green Nippers sell mostly online through their website and specialise in organic clothing in unique and colourful designs for babies from birth to children aged 5.  All their items of clothing are certified by the Soil Association as being 100% organic cotton and if poppers or fastenings are used they are always nickel free meaning that their clothing ranges are ideal for babies and children who suffer from sensitive skin or eczema.  Their all in one baby clothes are also ideal for babies who suffer with reflux.

I am reviewing the long sleeve raglan t-shirt.  This top is available for all ages from birth to 5.  It is described as being marmalade, chocolate brown and forest green in colour.

The product arrived quickly and had very little packaging which helps with the ‘green’ and ‘ethical’ impact that the company is trying to make. There were no plastic fastenings for the label; instead a simple safety pin (which has made its way to my sewing box) was used.

Immediately I noticed that the colourings of this top on the website, do not do the top justice.  The website makes this top look a very bright orange and a very dark brown whereas the real colours are very gentle, soft and beautiful together.  The colourings of this top make it perfect for mucky toddlers or young boys who may get dirty whilst playing.

This top is extremely soft and feels like it is made from nice thick and hard-wearing cotton.  In the size which I have (18-24 months) there are also poppers on the neck line for ease of putting on and taking off.  This is excellent as a lot of clothes in this age range do not have this feature and made dressing my son very easy.  At first, I thought the top looked very big for my son – he is 19 months although on the small side but when I put it on him I discovered that it was a perfect fit and was cut very nicely so there were no baggy bits around the neck or shoulders that you sometimes get with baby clothes.  The top is also nice and long, it nicely fits over his nappy and stays down rather than ride up his tummy and showing the top of his nappy.  The top also feels very warm and gives the look of being comfy to wear.  The seams in this top are lovely and soft with no rough edges touching my baby’s soft and delicate skin.

There is a little crab motif on the front of the top which is the Green Nippers logo.  This small design is attractive and cute and helps give the top an extra bit of character.  It also helps to give the top a designer feel to the top and all the clothes in the Green Nippers range have this motif.  My son likes this little crab and enjoyed pointing to it throughout the day.

My son wore this top to a local ‘parent and toddler group’ and the top and I received several compliments as to how smart my son looked, how warm and comfy the top looked and how practical the design and colourings were.

This top has been washed and worn several times and is still looking lovely and smart.  My son still looks adorable in it and it is still a good fit.  I would definitely recommend Green Nippers to family and friends and think their website is worth looking at when buying new clothes for your child.


The Long-Sleeved Raglan T-Shirt is available from Green Nippers for £13.99 (0-2 years) or £14.99  (2-5 years)




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